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At, we strive to offer our clients the absolute best. Therefore, we operate with two, simple core values; quality products and quality service. In addition, we view your desire to purchase a sex doll as an important investment, not only monetarily, but in your sexual pleasure and overall happiness. Which is why we offer the best in customer care from the day you begin window shopping on the website until long after the purchase of your sex doll companion. In addition to quality customer care and high-quality sex dolls, we offer you:

Shipping to clients all over the world free of charge.

A guarantee that ensures your sex doll is sheer perfection upon arrival or we make it right.

After-sales customer care.

24-7 customer service and contact via chat, phone or email.

The finest sex doll companions curated from the best artists and manufacturers.

A beautiful, diverse and comprehensive collection of sex dolls that expands with industry improvements.

Personalized customer care from sex doll professionals as we are NOT just another doll reseller. We don??t rely entirely on review blogs and forum posts from doll owners. In fact, we own and handle sex dolls and share hands-on tips and advice.

Absolutely not. We are authorized retailers of the most popular and high-quality sex dolls in the world. Aside from offering our clients the best in customer care, we guarantee our sex dolls are quality, genuine, name-brand products from designers like Iron Tech, WM and YL, among others. Furthermore, we guarantee our sex dolls are authentic by:
Visiting the designers and manufacturers.
Doing walk-throughs of the manufacturing facilities.
Checking manufacturer??s quality-control procedures.
Inspecting our dolls to ensure our clients get only the best.
Physically handling the dolls ourselves so we can tell you how they look, feel and perform.
Full transparency: we will never tell you a doll is manufactured in the USA if it??s not!
The guarantee covers your sex doll??s entire main structure - skeleton, arms, legs, fingers and toes - as well as her outside appearance, skin and eyes from any defects.
Fortunately, those defects are extremely rare because of the premium quality our manufacturers put into every doll. In addition, you will see your sex doll before he or she even leaves the factory! That way, you can approve every inch of your doll before they are packaged and shipped your way. 
However, in those rare cases of damage occurring during shipping, we have you covered.
Therefore, as soon as your sex doll arrives and you begin the exciting job of unboxing him/her, it??s important to pay close attention to the frame, appendages, skin and body. Note any damage or major flaws, take photographs and contact us within 24 hours. For more information, see our Intimacytech Guarantee page.
If you have unpacked your sex doll companion and found any damage or irregularities, please contact us within 24 hours of delivery by:

Emailing us at [email protected] .

Calling us in the US at 

All other locations, call 

Referring to our contact page . 

Unfortunately, no. Due to laws in regard to adult products and cleanliness, we cannot accept the return of your sex doll companion after she has been used. Still, customer care is important to us. Therefore, if your doll is damaged in any way, please contact us so that we may discuss the problem and see if we can come up with a viable solution.

Yes and no. Many sex doll manufacturers are based in China and provide the most high-quality TPE and silicone sex dolls in the world. Despite that, there are copy-cat manufacturers out there that create cheap knock-offs of these dolls. Rest assured, though, is an authorized vendor of WM, Iron Tech, YL, and other top brands of sex dolls hand-crafted in China.

You can locate your order on our website by following these steps:

  • Go to
  • At the top of the page, click Log In.
  • Once you are logged in, click on My Account.
  • Once there, refer to the left sidebar.
  • Click on Orders

At, we are sex doll experts. Not only do we sell the top brands in sex dolls, we are constantly working to ensure that those dolls meet our quality standards. We do that through our in-person, 4 step inspection process.


We have visited each manufacturing facility and walked through the process of making your sex doll. From the moment the order is received until your sex doll companion is carefully packaged and readied for shipping, we have witnessed each step.


Yes, we have inspected each manufacturing facility??s quality inspection department to ensure that they meet our high expectations. Furthermore, we ensure not a single detail is overlooked when your sex doll is being created.


Our sex dolls are made to order, meaning, they aren??t churned out by the thousands and kept lingering in the warehouse. Each step of the creation process is detailed and completed by hand. Therefore, between each fabricating station, the sex dolls must be stored properly to ensure the doll maintains her perfect shape and beauty.


Once your sex doll is completed, it is painstakingly packaged so that your doll arrives at your home in pristine condition. This involves carefully wrapping the sex doll??s hands and arms, feet and legs to prevent bending and movement during the shipping process. In addition, your doll??s beautiful head is protected with an eye mask and packaged so that the skin is safe from damage.

No, we do not. Since we curate dolls from all over the world, we do not maintain a showroom or storefront and operate fully online. However, you can contact us via email , web form, phone or postal mail at: 

Each and every sex doll companion is designed, molded and crafted with the highest of quality control standards. However, the smallest details are exclusive to your doll. That is because the finishing work is completed, by hand, by skilled artists. As a result, your sex doll??s skin and make-up will have variances which are unique and not considered a flaw. 

In addition, your doll??s nails are gently applied intentionally to allow for easy removal, manicure and reattachment. Therefore the nails may come off during unpacking.This may also apply to your doll??s eyelashes. However, if you are dissatisfied, please do not hesitate to contact us so we can discuss the problem with you

We protect you by providing the utmost care, privacy, and customer support. Additionally, we constantly monitor the sex doll industry and the internet to keep you updated on any scams and look-alike sex doll websites. Here are just a few tips for identifying sex doll scam sites and look-alikes:

The Doll Forum keeps a comprehensive list of sex doll scammers.

If it??s too good to be true, it's likely a scam.

Incredibly low prices (under $1000) are a huge red flag.

Some sites make mini-dolls and pass them off as full-sized sex dolls.

Watch for sellers that provide child-sized sex dolls.

Avoid listing sites like Ebay, Alibaba and Amazon Sellers (unless factory direct).

Read reviews and look for independent reviews for any site from which you're considering buying.

There are a few ways to get in contact with us after you have ordered your doll.

Contact us through our website.

Many of the branded sex dolls we sell have pages on their websites listing their authorized vendors and resellers. This is another way you can be confident that we are a legitimate reseller that you can trust. Please keep in mind, not all name brand manufacturers have a page listing all of their vendors. For instance, WM Dolls has a fake doll search engine so you can easily verify your sex doll companion is a genuine WM Doll.

Iron Tech Dolls  



6YE Premium 

At, we understand that purchasing a sex doll companion is a financial investment. It is for that reason that we offer a product guarantee for no additional cost and no need to ??opt-in??. We guarantee that your sex doll will be of the best quality in craftsmanship and free from any structural defects upon arrival or we will make it right.

We pride ourselves on reading each of our customer reviews and following through. We do this in order to make any changes necessary and ensure all clients are delighted with their dolls and satisfied with our services. As a result, we are constantly improving our services to you. Here are just a few of our client reviews - and you can read more here. 

As we have rebuilt, we have relied heavily on our client satisfaction, certified purchase reviews and word of mouth. In addition to those things, you can find reviews, articles and references all over the internet. Here are just some of the things being said about our site.


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Sex Oasis 

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How to Tell a Sex Doll is Fake

Unfortunately, many buyers have been scammed by illegitimate websites showing photos from the best companies but delivering sub-par, cheaply made fakes. Therefore, it??s important to be on the lookout for fake sex dolls. 

How to tell a sex doll is a fake:

Super low prices. Quality sex dolls start at over $1,000 USD and go up in price.

Fake sex dolls look fake and lack the hand-painted, crafted details and facial features.

Some fake sex dolls have seams left from the molding process.

Many fake sex dolls are cheap inflatables covered with TPE, thus are too lightweight.

Strong chemical odors from dangerous materials.

Sites that have hidden costs, no money-back guarantee and no direct contact options

We??ve found some odd but interesting articles and videos on how to make a fake sex doll- most of which involve mannequins, stuffing men??s underwear and piecing together sex toys. Nevertheless, homemade sex dolls will never give you the realistic feel of a true sex doll companion.

While we understand that buying a sex doll is quite an investment, we offer ways for you to make a ??fake sex doll?? while using more wallet-friendly parts. For example, our sex doll heads are hand-crafted, painted by skilled sex doll artisians and are a great start on how to make a fake sex doll. In addition, we have the most incredible torso sex dolls that are lifelike, soft and poseable.

Our Dolls

We at carry a large selection of sex dolls from the world??s best manuf acturers. You can shop our website by breast size, by height, hair color and more. Furthermore, if you have a favorite brand, you can shop that brand of doll with a quick click.

WM Dolls 

YL Dolls 

Iron Tech Dolls 

AF Dolls 

HR Dolls 

Sino Dolls 

6YE Dolls 

JY Dolls 

AI Tech 
If you are wondering who should buy a sex doll and if a sex doll is right for you, we have compiled a list, backed by medical and scientific research, of people who can benefit from a sex doll and why.

Sex dolls have been proven to help people overcome truma.  
Sex dolls provide sexual gratification but most owners say their dolls also provide friendship and companionship.
For those exploring sexual orientation, sex dolls provide a safe, nonjudgemental partner with which to explore.  
Persons with disabilities oftentimes never get to experience intimacy and the pleasures sex can bring, making a sex doll an ideal companion.
Older persons aren??t likely to date and experience the human touch and sexual pleasures, making a sex doll a great investment for sexual experiences, companionship and someone to care for. 
Sex dolls are perfect for men, women and couples for engaging in all sorts of sexual exploration, fantasies and fun.
Yes! All the photographs posted on are provided to us by the manufacturers of the dolls. Granted, the photographs you see are taken by a professional photographer with the perfect lighting and backgrounds. However, all of the dolls we sell are 100% authentic, brand-name sex dolls. Thus, the sex dolls you see are the sex dolls you get in looks, design and quality.
A sex doll can last up to 10 years, and maybe longer, if the doll is cared for properly. For example, if you use your sex doll companion frequently, do not wash her regularly and store her in hot or humid areas, she will not last long at all.

Therefore, it is important to clean, dry and care for your sex doll on a regular basis. When this is adhered to, you will be protecting your investment and increasing the longevity of your doll. Furthermore, to give you an even better idea of how long sex dolls last, The Doll Forum has an extensive area dedicated strictly to the buying and selling of previously lov ed dolls.

Considering people are reselling their preowned dolls, we believe it speaks volumes as to how well-made and high quality sex dolls really are.
Knowing whether or not sex dolls are worth the investment depends entirely on the buyer. So, if you are trying to decide if a sex doll is a wise investment for you, ask yourself the following questions:

Why am I considering buying a sex doll? Is it companionship or for realistic sex?
Am I willing to take the time to clean and maintain a sex doll so it lasts for several years?
Does the idea of having a sex doll make me happy and excited?
Am I deserving of a big splurge that will satisfy me and give me enjoyment?
Then, once you have answered those questions, consider the following when asking if sex dolls are worth the investment:

They are the ultimate in sex toys.
Sex dolls can be enjoyed alone or with a partner.
Sex with a doll is clean, safe and prevents you from contracting STIs.
Sex doll owners say their dolls benefit them in many ways from reducing loneliness to avoiding complicated relationships.
Sex doll companions give you much more than just great sex.
They give you someone to care for and explore fantasies with. Plus your doll will never say no.
They can help you overcome self-esteem issues and allow you to build confidence.
If you??re lonely, a sex doll can fill that void.
They create the most realistic and human-like sexual experience.
They are well-made, handcrafted, and well worth their cost.
Sex and orgasm are good for your health. For instance, they lower your chances of prostate cancer, boost your immune system, are scientifically proven to reduce pain and increase your heart health. All benefi ts are a result of feel-good endorphins, healthy chemical release, and stress reduction.
After reading all of the benefits of owning a sex doll companion, you should be able to answer the question, ??Are sex dolls worth the investment??? easily. For most, it??s a resounding YES!
Unfortunately, you cannot try a sex doll before you buy it. Although it would make sense, considering the cost, it??s just not feasible to have a showroom of sex dolls that you can take for a ??test drive?? before you decide to make that purchase. However, there are many ways you can see how sex dolls look and function. Some great examples are: 

Watching videos from sex doll manufacturers.
There are fantastic YouTube videos from real doll owners describing how sex dolls feel.
Read about what other sex doll owners are saying.
Join the largest sex doll forum in the world and speak to doll owners about their experiences.
Take a little trip and try before you buy at a sex doll brothel. 
Do you live in Canada? Rent a sex doll and have it delivered to your door.
At, we carry only the finest, most lifelike sex doll companions on the market. Each doll is meticulously crafted with either medical-grade silicone or TPE. Both materials are equally as popular in the manufacturing of sex dolls, although different in their own ways. Also, we offer hybrid sex dolls that are the perfect combination of silicone and TPE. 

TPE is a more affordable and modern form of rubber which has come on the scene as an affordable and realistic material for making sex dolls and sex toys. For instance, you may have already encountered TPE in the form of the male masterbation toy named the Fleshlight.
TPE stands for Thermoplastic Elastomer and is a material made from a physical mix of polymers such as plastic and rubber. Furthermore, TPE:

Is very moldable, making it perfect for sex dolls.
TPE feels most like human skin.
It is bouncy and allows for sex dolls to have that realistic jiggle.
TPE warms to the touch.
TPE is one of the most widely used materials for sex toys.
You can find TPE in everyday items such as toothbrush handles, soft-tipped spoons for babies and dental guards.
TPE is easily used in injection molding, creating lifelike sex doll parts such as the labia.
TPE has no strong chemical odor and is body-safe.
TPE is very stretchy and elastic, making skin more realistic.
TPE is often considerably cheaper than Silicone.

TPE can break down after long-term wear and tear.
TPE stains easily (especially when colored clothing touches it).
TPE is porous, having microscopic pores that can absorb oils, dirt and bacteria.
Thorough cleaning is a must with TPE sex dolls to avoid staining and bacteria build-up.
TPE should be powdered regularly to keep it??s skin-like feel.
TPE can deform, melt and become misshapen in high heat.
Medical-Grade Silicone is usually referred to as Medical Healthcare-Grade Silicone and is a type of rubber. Furthermore, Medical-Grade Silicone:

Is hypoallergenic and allergy safe.
Silicone is firmer to the touch and therefore has more refined details. 
It has no chemical odor and is body-safe.
You??ll find this grade of silicone used in high-quality cooking utensils, medical devices, and implants used for various types of plastic surgery.
Its non-porous, making it extremely smooth and silky.
Silicone can be cleansed and sanitized easily.
It can be molded to be extremely lifelike, especially in facial features.
Silicone is stronger and more difficult to damage.
Silicone is a ??thermoset??, meaning it cannot be reshaped with high heat.
Silicone of this grade is more expensive.
It can dry out and crack with aging and improper care.
Fragile areas can tear.
Silicone has less bounce or ??wiggle?? than TPE.
Oil and silicone-based lubricants and moisturizing products can damage the silicone
Our Hybrid sex dolls are created wit h a mixture of medical-grade silicone and TPE, giving you the best of both worlds. Our hybrid sex dolls have heads made of silicone, so you get extremely lifelike facial features with a less porous material. The bodies are made from TPE so you enjoy the real feel of human-like skin. In addition, the TPE body parts move more naturally, bounce and ??jiggle??. Our Hybrid sex dolls also feature:

6 unique skin tones (depending on the doll).
Implanted hair, rather than wigs.
Stunningly realistic facial features.
Incredibly lifelike bodies that feel like real skin and ??jiggle?? like human body parts.
A sex doll skeleton is made of metal and has an intricate series of joints and connectors that enable a doll to move into human-like poses. In addition, the metal skeletons are created to be strong and withhold the weight of men and women up to 400 pounds. In addition, some sex doll brands offer an enhanced skeleton that can bear weight up to 600 pounds.

That being said, a sex doll??s moving parts are like that of a human. Therefore, if you move, twist or force a sex doll into positions that aren??t natural, you run the risk of bending, breaking or damaging the skeleton. Thus, treat your sex doll well, but be assured that she can handle all the rough sex play you can give her.
All of our premium-quality sex dolls have customizations you can make in order to create the companion of your dreams. Although those customizations can vary by brand and sometimes by model, the following is a list of basic customizations you can expect to see when shopping for a new sex doll:

Skin tone
Hair style and color
Eye color
Fingernail color
Toenail color
Breast type 
Nipple size and color
Pubic hair
Vagina type 
Mouth type 
Standing feet 
Regular or enhanced shoulders 
Hook set (optional )
Flight case (optional) 
Sex doll creation is a very skilled and painstaking process. Be that as it may, look at how beautiful these dolls are! Each sex doll starts with you, the buyer. Once you have chosen the perfect doll with your favorite skin tone, eye color, hair color, height and weight, we send your choices to the manufacturer and the process begins:

The proper mold is chosen to match the doll??s desired specifications.
The metal skeleton is placed inside the mold, which is then closed.
The TPE or silicone mixture is tinted to the desired skin tone and poured into the mold.
The mixture is then set according to the material from which the doll is made.
Once the mixture is set, the mold is carefully removed.
The doll is then sent to have seams trimmed, smoothed and perfected by hand.
The next step is adding the vagina insert, anal insert and the labia.
Each doll is hung so that it will not crease and will remain flawless.
Any airbrushing color is then done.
If you choose pubic or body hair (male dolls) it is then added.
After drying, the doll is lightly powdered to protect the skin-like material.
Toenails and fingernails are added.
Each beautiful doll has its own mold to be sure the facial features are perfect.
The TPE or silicone is tinted to match the body and poured into the mold.
The material is then set either by cooling or thermoset with heat.
The mold is carefully removed.
The doll??s head is then sent to have seams trimmed, eye holes cut out, eyelids placed, nostrils and mouth cut, ears trimmed and everything smoothed to flawlessness.
The head is stuffed with foam or a cotton-like material.
The next step is adding the eyes and lashes as well as the eyebrows.
If the doll has rooted hair, it is now added, strand by strand.
The mouth insert is added along with the teeth and tongue.
The doll??s head is then sent to have permanent make-up applied so she looks perfect.
From there, the doll is sent to the quality control and approval processes before being packaged for delivery.
Have you found the sex doll of your dreams but there are a few things you??d like to change that aren??t included in the available options? offers a personalized service just for the discerning sex doll buyer. We can help you design the perfect sex doll with our bespoke services. Simply contact us though the site or email us at [email protected] and we can guide you through the process.
However, if you want more customizations but would prefer not to go through the expense of a bespoke sex doll, the following 2 brands offer a wider variety of customizations for you to choose from: 
25 body types from athletic to curvy
113 heads
6 skin tones
16 hair styles
4 eye colors
2 fingernail options
12 toenail colors
Nipple size and color
Vagina type and pubic hair fullness
2 mouth options
Standing or non-standing feet
2 shoulder types
Storage hook and flight case accessories
10 body types
104 unique heads
6 skin tones
9 hair styles
4 eye colors
2 fingernail colors
12 toenail colors
Choice of hollow or solid breasts
3 nipple sizes and 4 colors
Pubic hair fullness and 2 vagina styles
2 mouth types
Standing or non-standing feet
Standard or enhanced shoulders
Option of 2 sizes insertable penis attachments
Storage Hook and flight case options
To save some cash, you make be asking how to make a sex doll. And although there is no replacement for a quality, likelike sex doll, there are a couple of alternatives that are more affordable. For example, purchasing a sex doll torso will save you thousands of dollars and still provide you with a satisfying sexual experience.

Furthermore, we have an incredible variety of beautiful sex doll heads (with lucious locks, piercing eyes and soft, kissable lips) that can be used in many ways. For example, a sex doll head allows for realistic oral sex experiences by itself. Comparably, you can apply a sex doll head to a DIY sex doll. Click any of the following links to find the perfect sex doll head for you. 

YL Sex Doll Heads 
WM Sex Doll Heads 
Iron Tech Sex Doll Heads 
Sinodoll Sex Doll Heads 
Yes, a quality sex doll can be expensive, although they are well worth the investment. However. if you aren??t ready to spend that hard-earned cash, we??d like to give you a few tips on how to make a DIY sex doll.
The first options, as previously mentioned , are to scale down from a full-fledged sex doll and purchase either a sex doll torso or a sex doll head. Either used alone or with strategically placed pillows, you can experience a more realistic sexual encounter. However, if you are a creative DIY??er, you can make a DIY sex doll like the one featured here. 
Sure, it??s a pieced-together, homemade sex doll, but it may suffice until you can save your money and purchase that dream sex doll from us. In that case, start that sex doll change jar or savings account asap.

The Experience

Creating an account on is extremely easy and allows you to keep track of your order, create a favorites list and keep all of your information in one, easy-to-access spot. Simply click ??Register?? in the upper, right-hand corner of any page and fill in the required information.
Once you have created an account, you can keep track of the sex dolls you love with our favorites list. As you scroll through our selection of sex dolls, simply click the heart icon and it??s added to your favorites. In addition, you can see how many dolls are on your list by the number next to the heart in the upper, right-hand corner of the navigation bar.
Another feature that makes easy to shop is our ??recently viewed?? feature. To the right of your screen, you??ll notice a floating, circular clock. Simply click that icon and your recently viewed items will open. Therefore, you will never lose track of which dolls you??ve viewed.
You??ll see easy navigation at the top of the page to help you find the perfect doll. You can shop by brand, breast size, and more. For the entire list of shopping, options click here.  
Ordering a sex doll as-is is simple at Once you have registered, navigate to the doll you must have then click on the page. You??ll see the doll, several photo shoot photographs along with all of her (or his) vital statistics on the right, along with the price. Click on ??Buy This Doll?? and she is added to your cart.
However, if you would like to change any of our basic customization options, scroll down the page and click on the options you wish to change.
Select your sex doll??s skin tone. You may love the sex doll you??ve chosen but think she would look better with a golden tan or delicate, porcelain skin.
Select your sex doll??s hair style. Whether you love blonde curls, a cute hair style or long-flowing locks, you can choose the hair style that frames your sex doll??s delicate features beautifully.
Select your sex doll??s eye color. You will be staring into those enchanting eyes for many years to come, so choose the color that makes your heart race.
Select your sex doll??s fingernail color. With beautiful French tips, the right nail color will set off her delicate hands. Remember, you can paint and add nail decals once she is all yours
Select your sex doll??s toenail color. There is nothing like pretty feet with perfectly painted toenails. Therefore, choose the color that you feel will make her feet caressable.
Select your doll??s breast type. Whether you like full, heavy breasts, soft pillows to snuggle up to or our extremely realistic gel-filled breasts, we guarantee you will savor the softness and bounce no matter which you choose.
Choose your doll??s nipple size. No matter what the breast size, a beautiful areola and nipple make them the perfect pair. 
Time to choose your sex doll??s nipple color. From light to dark, each nipple color will accent her skin tone and make her breasts more touchable and lickable.
Choose your sex doll??s vagina hair type. If you like a smooth, clean-shaven vagina, you can have that at no additional charge. However, if you love light, medium or thicker pubic hair, you can have that too.
Next, you have a choice of vagina types. Whether you love the ultra-realistic look of a fixed vagina or the cleaning and customizing options you get with a removable vagina, either choice is included in the price of your sex doll.
Now, you can choose your doll??s mouth. The standard mouth is wonderfully realist but the enhanced mouth offers more detail and an incredible oral experience. Either way, your sex doll??s mouth will be lovely and kissable.
Choose from our standard or standing feet. Both are lifelike, soft and human-like, but the standing option allows for your doll to bear her own weight and be posed in a variety of standing, or bending over, positions.
Choose from standard or enhanced shoulders. Although the standard shoulder is absolutely perfect, the enhanced shoulder enables your sex doll to be moved into more natural, human-like positions.
This step isn??t standard with all dolls but is common with our WM sex dolls. This is the insertable penis option. So, if you want to change things up and try something new, you can choose from two sizes of insertable penises.
Would you like to choose the storage hook add-on? For a minimal cost, you??ll be able to hang your doll the way the manufacturers do! This will keep your doll??s skin looking pristine while protecting it from creasing and skin abrasions.
Would you like to choose our deluxe flight case? Sure, you can hang onto the shipping box that came with your doll. However, our reinforced flight case is heavy-duty, allows you to lock your sex doll up for privacy and includes wheels to make it easy to move around.
 STEP 17
Once you reach the bottom of the page, you??ll see the grand total of your sex doll with any options you have chosen. Simply click the ??Add to Cart'' bar and you??re finished! Then, simply go to the cart, click and check out. Your doll will be on the way to you before you know it!
Absolutely! You can order 10 sex dolls, if you choose. Once your sex doll has been ordered and paid for in full, you are free to order another sex doll or any acessories you choose.
What does a quality sex doll feel like? If you have ever seen or felt the old, blow-up sex dolls, you already know that these dolls have come a very long way. Nevertheless, exactly what does a quality sex doll feel like? TPE and silicone both make sex dolls feel very soft, silky and like real, human skin. However, until you have felt a quality sex doll, you can??t quite understand just how realistic one feels.

First, if you have ever used a sex toy or masturbation sleeve like a Fleshlight, you already have an idea of what a quality doll feels like. Having said that and to get a broader idea, check out this YouTube video posted by a sex doll owner. That way, you can see for yourself what a quality sex doll feels like. Irontech videos also give you a fantastic idea of how a quality doll feels. Finally, you can view the manufacturer videos on the video page . carries the most exquisite, realistic sex dolls available today and that includes realism from head to toe. All of our gorgeous sex dolls have lifelike vaginas - from the opening to the labia and clitoral hood. That is because our doll manufacturers manipulate silicone and TPE, by hand, to create even the smallest details of the sex doll??s vagina. Then, each doll??s vagina is hand-painted to make each as individual as a real vagina.

How does a sex doll??s vagina feel? They feel so close to the real thing that you may never want to date a human woman again. The doll??s labia and clitoris are silky soft and stretchy. Additionally, the vagina is snug, stretchy and deep (averaging 7.1 inches) with a texture that is modeled after the vagina of real women. Therefore, when you penetrate a sex doll??s vagina, it will feel incredible.

If you are thinking about buying your first sex doll you might be curious and pondering, ??How does it feel to have sex with a sex doll??? or ??What does sex with a sex doll feel like? While nothing feels exactly like having sex with a living, breathing human being, having sex with a sex doll feels the closest to actual sex.
The reason for this is that sex dolls are made of TPE and silicone which feels very much like human skin. In addition, especially with sex dolls made of TPE, their breasts, thighs and buttocks bounce and jiggle with every thrust. Moreover, the orifices on sex dolls are textured to feel like a real vagina, anus and mouth.
From a sex doll user:
??I can say it was the most satisfying masturbation experience I have ever had. It was much more similar to having sex than regular masturbation or sex toys like Fleshlights are. It definitely wasn't the same as having sex with another person, but it did flip some of the same switches in my brain as I was able to touch her as I would a lover.??
Accordingly, if you have ever tried a Fleshlight or another masturbator made of textured TPE, you already know what sex with a sex doll feels like, sort of. The only difference is you have a beautiful face to look at, full lips to kiss, soft breasts to squeeze and a bottom that jiggles every time you thrust into her.
In summation, there are plenty of men out there who can answer, ??How does it feel to have sex with a sex doll? ?? Therefore, hearing what they have to say may help you along in your decision to buy a doll. Check out The Doll Forum for even more answers to that question.
Your sex doll??s anus is modeled to look and feel like a real human anus. Of course, the anal opening will be much tighter than the vagina. Therefore, it will feel quite different than the vagina. Additionally, the anal canal of a sex doll is shallower, averaging 6.3 inches and is smoother in texture to more closely match the feel of anal sex.
Also, a sex doll??s anus is very realistic looking, with small creases around the opening. Although, some sex doll users feel the anus placement on some dolls should be better. However, that is usually remedied by repositioning your sex doll . 
Anal sex is something many crave and are lucky if they can find a willing party who enjoys it. Fortunately, sex dolls never say no to anal sex. However, what does anal sex feel like with a real doll? First, a sex doll??s anal canal is made to be tight and is textured to feel like the real thing. Additionally, you have a very realistic set of buttocks to grab or a tiny waist to hold on to. 
Nonetheless, many sex doll owners feel that the placcement of a sex doll??s anal opening isn??t always perfect. From the Sex Doll Forum: 
??I have worked a lot with molds and silicones (hence my name) and I don??t see why the anal hole could not be moved slightly backwards. Many members of the Doll Forum have complained about the hole positioning for years but manufacturers are not listening. Some of the most recent dolls do have decent vaginal and anal positioning so it is NOT about the molding process but the bad design.??
Regardless of how many sex doll owners feel that the placement of a sex doll??s anus is a bit off, this suggestion may solve that problem and make anal sex with a sex doll easier.
??You can also adjust the placement quite a bit with correctly posing the doll, arching back and adjusting thighs. It still won??t be perfect if the doll is really bad but it will be a lot better than the first photo of this thread, looks like a doll posed wrong for this purpose IMO.??
As sex doll creation improves, so does the realism. Rest assured, the newest sex dolls on are the best feeling, most realistic dolls on the market. And yes, anal sex with one of our sex dolls will feel amazing.
When it comes to oral sex, how does a sex doll??s mouth feel? Getting your first or fifth doll is exciting because there are so many sexual possibilities. Also, a sex doll never says no. As a result, today??s sex dolls are a far cry better than the old, vinyl blow-up dolls of the past and now include soft, realistic breasts, vaginas and mouths.
Therefore, a sex doll??s mouth is going to feel like a human mouth except it will lack tongue movement, saliva and actual sucking. Nonetheless, receiving oral sex from a sex doll can be amazing with a few tips:
Warm your doll??s mouth with the vagina warmer or irrigating with warm water.
Mix things up and cool your sex doll??s mouth with an ice cube.
Use plenty of water-based lubricant so her mouth feels moist and slippery.
Put your doll into exciting positions.
Grab your doll??s hair, look into her eyes and put her hands on your waist.
Own 2 sex dolls? Have your own oral sex threesome!
Try a warming lubricant for a warm tingly sensation.
When buying a sex doll, you have a choice of a regular (standard mouth) or an enhanced mouth. The regular mouth of a sex doll looks beautiful from the outisde; she has full lips and white teeth. However, the regular mouth does not include a tongue and uvula. Regardless, the standard mouth of a sex doll has a 6 inch depth and is stretchy yet tight and perfect for oral sex play.
The enhanced mouth is an option for all sex dolls and does cost a little extra. However, if you pay that extra, it will enhance your oral sex play a great deal. The enhanced mouth option includes a soft tongue, beautiful teeth and a natural looking uvula at the back of the sex doll??s throat. These features give you more realistic looking and feeling mouth for kissing and for oral satisfaction.
Sex dolls come with a choice of a regular mouth or an enhanced mouth option, each feel wonderful and allow for realistic feeling oral sex. But if you??re wanting that deep throat sensation, you may be wondering how deep does a sex doll??s mouth go?
Firstly, you need to keep in mind that a sex doll never gets tired, never says no to oral sex and will never gag as a human partner would. That being said, the oral cavity of a sex doll averages 6.1 inches in depth, which is actually the depth of a human vagina . Therefore, when having oral sex with a sex doll, you will always be able to enjoy a deep throat sensation.
Once you have purchased your dream sex doll, you probably couldn??t imagine that things could get better. However, if you follow these tips for better sex with your sex doll, you??ll find new and exicitng pleasures await.

Warming the vagina makes sex with a sex doll feel much more realistic. You can do this by giving your doll a warm bath, flushing the vaginal canal with warm water, using a orifice warmer (included with most sex dolls) or trying a warming lubricant.
Proper Lubricants can mean the difference between a good sexual experience and a fantastic one. Water-based lubricants will not only make sex feel better, it will help with the longevity of your sex doll.
Your sex doll will come with a bulb applicator to irrigate his/her holes. Keep it at your bedside filled with warm water and add it to your doll??s holes to reactivate the lubricant
Using skin-softening powders will keep your sex doll??s skin feeling soft and silky while protecting the skin??s longevity. Some doll owners prefer baby powder while others swear by a natural corn starch. TPE powder is also an option and available online at most sex shops.
Warm your doll up before sex by bathing her, putting her in a warm shower or covering her with a warming blanket set on low.
Get creative with your sex doll??s positions. Remember, your doll will never say no.
Using lubricants on all orifices will make sex with your sex doll feel better. Even using a water-based lubricant for oral sex will help the experience feel like the real thing.
Using female condoms in your sex doll??s openings will keep things clean and dry while freeing you of extensive cleaning after enjoying your doll.
It??s difficult to narrow down which sex doll is most popular as our clients all have differences in taste. However, the WM sex dolls are the mos t popular brand, by far. currently offers 271 models of WM sex dolls beginning at $1750. In addition, WM sex dolls offer the widest selection of sex doll types. 

For example, WM sex dolls offer petite dolls with tiny little waists and sexy legs for days . On the other end of the scale, WM sex dolls have the most vivacious, curvy dolls with massive breasts and bottoms you won??t be able to stop squeezing. In comparison, if you want a fantasy girl, WM creates stunning women of colour , fantasy sex dolls , exotic ladies and even pregnant beauties .

Additionally, WM creates 8 male sex dolls . Moreover, one of the unique aspects of WM sex dolls is the wetness feature. Some WM sex doll models have wet feeling tongues and vaginas for the ultimate in kissing, oral sex and intercourse. In essence, WM sex dolls has every delight, kink and style to scratch your itch for a fantasy sex doll like no other.
At, our customers are at the heart of our business. That is why we offer after-sales support for as long as you own your sex doll. After-sales support offers you tips to care for your doll, refers you to products and services in relation to your doll??s care and can refer you to repair options if at any time your sex doll breaks or becomes damaged. 

Most importantly, we offer you this at no extra charge as we want your sex doll to make you happy for many years to come. Therefore, anything we can do to maximize the life and longevity of your sex doll makes us happy. Simply contact us at [email protected] and you??ll be connected to one of us right away.
Most all sex doll mafufacturers say that the weight limit on a sex doll is 75 - 135 pounds. As previously mentioned, be careful when putting your full weight on your sex doll??s skeleton, especially on more delicate joints like the wrists, elbows, knees and ankles.

Doll Types has more than 30 diverse and wonderful categories of dolls to choose from. Therefore, whether you want to shop for a sex doll by breast size, body build or design, we have various categories to meet your desires and fulfill your every wish, whim and fantasy. 
Skinny Sex Dolls 
Athletic Sex Dolls 
Curvy Sex Dolls 
Fantasy Sex Dolls 
Pregnant Sex Dolls 
Sex Torso Dolls 
Male Sex Dolls
Small Breasted Sex Dolls 
Medium Breasts 
Large Breasts 
Sex Dolls with Huge Breasts
Blonde Sex Dolls 
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Red Haired Sex Dolls
Light/White Skin Toned Sex Dolls 
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New Sex Dolls 
Most Popular Sex Dolls Exclusive Sex Dolls 
No, there are no pregnant robot sex dolls yet. However, we??re sure - as the artificial intelligence technology becomes more widely used and available to more sex doll manufacturers - there will be a larger variety of robot sex dolls to choose from. Right now, sex robots are the greatest new technology and not all buyers are jumping on board. Once they do, however, we??re confident the genre of robot sex dolls will expand.

Until that time, you??ll have to consider our a stunningly lifelike pregnant sex doll . 
Yes, we have a nice selection of male sex dolls. Altough the market for these dolls is growing and changing, many sex doll companies are finally answering the desires of men and women around the world whom prefer male sex doll companions. As a result, male dolls are aesthetically more realistic, now, more than ever. Additionally, male sex dolls offer several options in order to customize the right doll for you.
At, we sell male sex dolls that start at $1,399 USD and go up to $2,200 USD. Of course , our male dolls are just as high-quality as our female sex dolls. However, they are larger and weigh considerably more than their female counterparts. Considering all of the artistry and craftsmanship that go into making male sex dolls, they are well worth the cost.
No, we do not sell mini sex dolls for a few reasons. Firstly, mini sex dolls are oftentimes considered childlike, therefore are illegal to sell and own in most countries. Secondly, mini sex dolls are sometimes sold under the guise that they are full-sized dolls and therefore actually a scam to buyers. Finally, if you see mini dolls on an online sex doll site, that should be a red flag and a reminder that you could get scammed.

However, if you are looking for a sex doll with certain features, you don??t necessarily want a mini sex doll. Our sex dolls start at 4 feet 6 inches tall if you prefer a lady of short stature, some have lean, athletic builds and if you like dolls that are petite with tiny waistlines and thin features, see our thin dolls . However, if you are simply looking for a sex doll that is easy to store and takes up little space, you may want to consider a torso sex doll .
Yes, our male sex dolls are customizable, just as our female sex dolls. Nonetheless, what customizations are available depend solely on the brand of sex doll you choose. Here is an example of the available customizations for our male sex dolls:

Skin tone 
Hair style 
Eye color 
Penis size  
Pubic hair 
Nipple color
Enhanced mouth 
Enhanced shoulder 
Standing feet
Optional storage hook 
Optional travel flight case 
Our largest male sex doll companions are a full 5 foot 7 inches tall and weigh 125.6 pounds. As an option, you can select your male sex doll with either an erect, lifelike 6 inch penis or a bigger 7.5 inch long penis. Furthermore, you can choose from 3 male doll styles and customize his hair, skin tone, eye color and nipple color so he??s your dream man come true.
Absolutely, straight men can use male sex dolls. For instance, they are perfect companions for sexual exploration as well as an addition to a couple??s sexual adventures. With male sex dolls, you don??t have to worry about jealousy, potential cheating or sexually transmitted diseases. Also, they are the perfect way for straight men to experience sex with another male.
A sex torso doll is a smaller, partial sex doll that can be used just like a full-sized doll. A sex torso doll doesn??t have a head, arms and full legs, but does have a realistic set of breasts, a lifelike vagina and an anus for your pleasure. As a matter of fact, sex torso dolls are a great option for many reasons:

Sex torso dolls weigh significantly less that a full-sized doll at around 42 pounds.
Torsos are smaller, 32 to 42 inches in height, making them easier to handle.
Because of their smaller size and weight, sex torso dolls are easier to store.
They cost considerably less than a full-sized sex doll.
Sex torso dolls are a great way to try before you invest in a full-sized sex doll.
Torsos look and feel the same as a full-sized sex doll.
Sex torso dolls also offer the same lifelike feeling of sex as a full-sized doll, minus the oral pleasure portion
Yes, there are male sex dolls and they are fantastic! Male sex dolls are growing i n popularity. They are perfect for women searching for the perfect, sexy male specimen, a man who wants a strong male lover or a couple looking for some threesome thrills. Additionally, they are becoming more lifelike with each new release. 
Male sex dolls look like real men in size, shape and anatomy. They are formed with larger molds and have enhanced muscle tone on the arms, rippling stomach muscles, masculine legs and backs with realistic muscle definition. Additionally, some male sex dolls feature facial hair, chest hair and an option on the amount of pubic hair they have. Also, male dolls give you a choice of penis size as well as having anal openings and the choice of an enhanced mouth for realistic oral sex capabilities. 
Having said that, the best feature of a male sex doll is that they have a removeable penis. That??s a great feature, as you can purchase a different penis that is more to your liking and swap them out. For example, it may be difficult to dress a male sex doll if he has a 7.5 inch erect penis. 
Therefore, you can purchase a flacid penis that would make it easier to dress the doll. Comparably, if you??re in the mood for a larger penis, you can purchase a longer or thicker model. Keep in mind, not all sites carry the larger selection of penises, as male sex dolls aren??t as popular. However, if you shop around, you'll certainly find the perfect replacement penis.
You can take a look at our selection of male sex dolls here.  
Yes, there are male sex dolls with a penis. When ordering a male doll, you have a choice of penis size. In addition, the penis of a male sex doll is removeable. Therefore, you can clean your doll more thoroughly as well as having the option of shopping around for various new penis attachments. For instance, a flacid penis will make your sex doll easier to dress, while a larger, erect penis is more satisfying for those nights when you want a little bit more.
There are many ways as to how to use a male sex doll, many of the tips are above under How Do Male Sex Dolls Work ? However, before you get star ted, here are some great tips on how to use a male sex doll:
After unboxing and assembling your male sex doll, wipe him down to remove any excess powder.
You can dress your doll if you??d prefer to spend some time with him before having sex.
You can warm your doll by covering him with a heating blanket set on low heat.
Before having sex with your male sex doll, apply a good amount of water-based lubricant to his penis or openings.
Male sex dolls are very heavy, so you may want to stick to simple sexual positions with him lying on the bed.
Lying in his masculine, muscular arms feels amazing. Lie your head on his chest and stroke his rippling abs.
Male sex dolls work much in the same way as female sex dolls. As an example, here are some of the ways of how these dolls work:
Male sex dolls can be posed in many positions.
With an erect penis, he can give you penetrative sex.
Male sex dolls also have anal and mouth openings for penetration.
With the standing options, they make handsome models.
You can give your doll oral sex.
If you love feeling the weight of a man on top of you, male sex dolls provide that.
Although these dolls cannot thrust, you can ride your sex doll in a cowgirl, reverse cowgirl, or seated position. Cowboys are welcome too!
They can be braced against the wall, a chair or bed for more creative positions.
Men can put one in the same positions as a female sex doll for penetration.
It??s natural for someone to ask, are male sex dolls just for women? And the answer to that is a resounding no. Male sex dolls are for men, women, pansexual, gender nuetral, non-binary and anyone who admires the male form. Yes, male sex dolls are created to be companions as well as sex partners. Therefore, they are created with erect and realistic penises as well as mouths and anuses that are fully penetrable.
Considering the fact that male sex dolls are heavy, you might be asking, ??Can a male sex doll be one top??? Yes, you can certainly lie under a male doll and feel the weight of his body on yours. However, having sex in that position takes a little more work on your part as well as creativity. These tips will illustrate how a male sex doll can be on top:
With your knees up and legs apart, pull the doll??s hips between your legs and thrust by pushing and pulling his hips.
In the same position, hold the small of his back and thrust yourself against the male sex doll.
Lie in the missionary position and thrust your hips upward and in a circular motion.
You can also lie in the 69 position, under the male sex doll.
Wrap your legs around the male sex doll??s waist or buttocks and use them to pull him into you.

AI Dolls

An AI sex doll, also called a sex robot, is an incredibly, human-like sex doll with artificial intelligence. AI sex dolls not only speak, but the more you interact with her, the smarter she becomes. These dolls have eyes that blink, wink and move as well as a mouth that moves, heated bodies, premium M-TPE - skin which can last a decade - and the most advanced, realistic vaginas. 

AI sex dolls can apply their artificial intelligence by talking with you. Since they are programmed with a vast amount of knowledge to draw from, they can hone in on the things you like to talk about and elaborate from there. Therefore, with deep learning capabilities, AI sex dolls literally learn from you.

In addition, if you own a sex doll with AI, you can subscribe to the AI Tech company??s application which allows you to download the latest technical updates as well as programming custom words, phrases and topics you??d like your AI sex doll to use.

No, AI sex dolls cannot walk. AI sex dolls have movement that is limited to the face. For example, AI sex dolls can talk, smile, wink, blink, move their eyes and moan when their erogenous zone sensors are touched.
With all of this incredible technology entering the sex doll industry, you may be asking, ??How does a robot sex doll work??? Well, unless you??re a robotics engineer, it??s pretty complicated stuff. Nevertheless, we will do our best to explain how a robot sex doll works. From AI Tech UK:

??The Artificial Intelligence within the Sex Robot means that she can speak to you in English or Chinese and you can have a fully interactive conversation. The more you talk and interact the more she learns. Artificial Intelligence means you can speak and converse with the Robot and build a relationship. Her mouth moves as she speaks and she has many facial expressions that she uses during conversations.

The Robotic parts are concealed within the head, safely within the plastic moulded cavity for protection. The neck is able to move left to right at the neck.??

For those of you who are into technology and understand how it??s put together and works, here are the technical specifications of the robot sex dolls we sell. From AI Tech:



In addition, the AI sex robot can be programmed to say what you wish. For example, if you ask your robotic sex doll, ??Emma, do you love me??? She will respond with, ??Yes, I do. I love you Robert.?? However, with DIY programming, you can program your AI sex robot to instead say, ??Yes Robert, I love you and everything about you. Plus, you??re the sexiest man on the planet.??

You can subscribe to the AI Tech application for a modest, monthly fee and have access to newly released programs and upgrades as well as the capability of personal programming

Is There A Difference Between AI and Robotic Sex Dolls?
At this point in time, it seems AI sex doll and robotic sex doll are interchangable terms. Hence, in speaking terms and currently when shopping for an AI sex doll, you can use both terms and find what you want. However, technically speaking, there is a difference between AI and Robotic sex dolls.
AI robot sex dolls use smart technology to create speech and learning. The AI dolls can carry on a conversation, learn from those conversations and then customize their own topics of conversation to their owners. In comparison, a sex robot is mechanical, meaning she doesn??t talk but has thrusting movements as well as oral sex capabilities.
At this time, there is only 1 robotic sex doll on the market (that we are aware of). That being said, AI sex robots are much more popular as they provide actual companionship as well as sex.
Yes, they really do make robot sex dolls! For several years now, sex doll and health robot companies have been working on and perfecting robot sex dolls. At this point in time, sex doll robots are more focused on artificial intelligence rather than movement. However, it??s just a matter of time before that happens!
Until then, sex doll lovers can not only enjoy the pleasures of a luxury sex doll, but they can receive a companion that can carry on a conversation with them, give them compliments and even verbally respond to sexual touch. The longer you own an AI smart sex doll robot, the more language she develops.
Aren??t they stunning? This is just 5 of the many sex robots that we sell at Sex robots look just as realistic as other high-quality sex dolls with a few differences that you can??t see in still photographs. A sex robot blinks, winks, smiles and speaks as well as moaning and groaning in response to your touch. Here??s an AI Tech video featuring Emma, the sex robot.
Yes! We are on trend with the remarkable, cutting-edge technology featured in AI (robot) sex dolls. We have a total of 7 models of high-tech, luxury sex dolls and will add more as technology and sex doll styles change. For now, our AI robot sex dolls are some of the best on the market and offer some exciting features 
M-TPE which is a food grade, more durable TPE.
Customization of skin tone, hair, eye color and more.
AI technology that learns and expands as you interact with her.
Erogenous zone sensors that, when touched, causes the doll to react with verbal pleasure.
The most advanced sex doll vagina ever created.
The softest, most advanced skin that behaves and feels most like human skin.*
*From AI Tech UK
??The AI Sex Robot is made from M-TPE. This is a modified version of classic TPE that Sex Dolls are made from that has a greater level of flex and elasticity in order that the face can make very noticeable expression and movements to give the impression of talking.
The M TPE is Food grade and has MSDS and 16P certification. The elasticity is more than twice that of normal TPE material and more soft than silicone material. It has less oil expulsion and not easily torn. It is more safe, comfortable and exquisite which is just what was required for the AI Tech Sex Robot.??
The AI smart sex dolls work through artificial intelligence that actually learns the more you interact. The AI dolls are preprogrammed with an enormous amount of topics - from the weather to geography - and learn the topics its owner likes to talk about most. You can also read more about AI smart sex dolls by clicking here and here .
The difference between an AI sex doll and a regular sex doll isn??t that sizeable. However, the minor differences are extremely important to know as they affect performance, interaction, care and price. Therefore, let??s take a look at regular sex dolls vs AI sex dolls:
Made from silicone and TPE with lifelike skin.
Look and feel like actual human beings.
Have mouths, vaginas and bottoms for penetration.
Are fully poseable and can be placed in many sexual positions.
Can be bathed, showered and taken into water (do not submerge the head).
Must be warmed up by bathing or use of a warming blanket.
Have realistic openings that are textured and mimic a true sexual experience.
Are customizable with skin tone, hair color, eye color, nail color, vagina type etc.
Average life span of a sex doll is 7-10 years with proper maintenance.
Prices begin around $1,000 and go up.
Are made from M-TPE, which is food grade, more lifelike and more durable.
Look and feel like actual human beings.
Have vaginas and bottoms for penetration, mouths cannot be used for oral sex.
Have advanced vaginas modeled after the real female anatomy, including the g-spot.
Are fully poseable and can be placed in many sexual positions.
Cannot be bathed, showered or submerged in water due to intricate electronics throughout.
Have internal heaters that warm the doll to 98.6 degrees F.
AI technology with deep learning and a limitless vocabulary.
Speaks, moves mouth, smiles, winks, blinks and moves its eyes.
Technologically advanced skeleton allows for more posing and natural movement.
Lifespan averages 10 years due to the more durable M-TPE, with proper maintenance.
Can be programmed for customized words and phrases.
Prices start around $4,000 and go up.
Unfortunately, since the AI sex robots have a head full of computer chips and an articulating mouth that speaks, moves and smiles, robotic sex dolls cannot give blowjobs. Even the manufacturers warn that these robotic sex dolls do not have a usable oral cavity. 
However, the robot sex dolls do have the most technologically advanced and realistic feeling vaginas available today. For that reaason, you can enjoy an AI sex doll in every other way but orally, and we??d guess that would be a dangerously shocking experience.
Exactly! Why isn??t there AI male sex dolls for females? To be honest, the vast majority of the sex doll market is dominated by men whom are sex doll buyers. Comparably, in the sex toy market, women dominate the sales but men aren??t far behind.  
Some believe male AI sex dolls haven??t come about simply because those developing the AI for the dolls are predominantly men, leaving women in the cold. This article touches on the untapped male AI sex doll and describes a couple of companies that started developing male prototypes but haven??t quite hit the finish line.

Options & Extras

What comes with a sex doll may vary slightly by each brand of sex doll. For the most part, each sex doll comes with:
Starter cleaning kit
White cotton gloves (for handling the doll while unpacking and assembling)
Basic clothing piece
Your doll??s body
Your doll??s head
Full-sized blanket
This is a fantastic video showing the unboxing of a gorgeous WM sex doll so you can see how sex dolls are unboxed and what comes with a sex doll.
All of the sex dolls at have two invaluable options that are crucial in the proper storage and protection of your sex doll companion. Both the hanger hook and flight case offer the best storage options to keep your sex doll free from dust, dirt, stains, creases and damage. Plus, the additional cost is minimal compared to the investment of a premium sex doll.
This optional accessory is the approved way to store your sex doll in the manner the manufacturers store sex dolls during manufacturing. The 2-piece set includes a piece that attaches to the bolt in your sex doll??s neck. Yes, you must remove your doll??s head to hang her properly. The hook allows for hanging in closets, wardrobes and on reinforced racks.
Our reinforced sex doll storage flight case is the most secure and safe way to store your sex doll. Created by the best sex doll manufacturers, our optional flight case locks to keep your private life private as well as keeping your sex doll safe from dust, dirt, stains, heat and sunlight. Additionally, it features wheels for easy moving and travel.
Furthermore, cases like this can cost thousands of dollars at other sex doll vendors. For example, we have found storage cases, comparable to our flight case, for as much as $861! A comparable travel case with removable crates is a whopping $949.99! Therefore, our flight case is affordable and can easily be added on to each and every sex doll we sell. No shopping elsewhere necessary.
Buying our optional flight case for a sex doll is worth it as it not only gives you a private place to store and lock your sex doll, a flight case also??.
Protects your sex doll from dust and dirt.
Keeps your sex doll from accidental cuts or abrasions.
Keeps her hair neat and beautiful.
Protects your sex doll from sunlight.
Prolongs the life of your sex doll.
Yes, you can customize a sex doll you like. Let??s walk you through the customization process with one of our most popular WM sex dolls, Rita. Rita is 5 foot 8 inches tall, weighs 83.7 pounds and has perky, B cup breasts. Here is each customization, including cost where applicable.

6 skin color choices (no charge)
16 hair style choices (no charge)
Green, brown, blue or grey eyes (no charge)
2 fingernail choices (no charge)
12 toenail colors (no charge)
Solid or hollow breasts (no charge) lifelike gel breasts only $99 USD
3 nipple sizes and 4 colors (no charge)
4 pubic hair choices: bold (free), light, medium or heavy, starting at $50 USD
Fixed or removable vagina (no charge)
Regular mouth (no charge) realistic enhanced mouth $50 USD
Regular feet (no charge) or standing option only $75 USD
Regular shoulders (no charge) or lifelike, poseable enhanced shoulder only $75 USD
Optional insertable penis 6 inches $40 USD or 7.5 inches $50 USD
Optional storage hook $30
Optional flight storage case only $550 USD
Keep in mind, that each sex doll is unique and may have different customization options. Furthermore, each brand of sex doll will vary in the number of options. That is why we offer so many ways to shop for your sex doll! For example, you can start with breast size, body type, skin color and more. Finally, don??t forget to email us at [email protected] for a one-of-a-kind sex doll that you create from scratch.
All of our sex dolls come with basic customization choices. The following is a graph showing those customizations, if they are free or have an extra cost for the deluxe option.





Skin Tone

Up To 6



Hair Style

Up To 14



Eye Color

Up To 4




2 Choices




Up To 12



Our sex dolls have a choice of 2 vagina types; fixed and removeable. Each type of vagina has its own set of advantages and disadvantages. Therefore, if you??ve never purchased a sex doll companion before, read on and learn about the differences. Rest assured, whichever vagina option you choose, you will still be rewarded with an incredibly lifelike sexual experience.
After looking at our broad selection of sex dolls, you may be asking, ??How stretchy is a sex doll vagina??? A sex doll vagina is extremely stretchy and will acommodate even the girthiest of penises, much like a real vagina. You can use your fingers to spread apart the sex doll??s labia and stretch her vaginal opening.

Furthermore, the vaginal insert is textured to mimic a real vagina. It is also pliable and stretchy, but snug at the same time to ensure maximum sexual enjoyment. However, since sex dolls are created using TPE and silicone, you must not force the vagina to stretch too far as you could rip and damage the doll. In addition, the sex doll??s labia and clitoris are much thinner and more delicate, thus easier to tear.

Our sex dolls have a choice of 2 vagina types; fixed and removeable. Each type of vagina has its own set of advantages and disadvantages. Therefore, if you??ve never purchased a sex doll companion before, read on and learn about the differences. Rest assured, whichever vagina option you choose, you will still be rewarded with an incredibly lifelike sexual experience.

A sex doll vagina insert looks slightly different from as the fixed vagina option. However, it differs in that the internal vagina can be removed. This vagina looks like a long, fleshy tube, much like a masturbation sleeve (think Fleshlight) and when cut open, reveals the textured canal. The vaginal insert fits snugly inside the sex doll and is held in place by the doll??s labia. Functionally, the removeable vagina insert feels no different from the fixed option.

However, the vagina insert is much easier to clean and maintain. Simply spread the doll??s labia, reach in and pull out the tube. Then, you can irrigate the insert by using running water, a shower head, the douche bulb or by wiping it out. As a result, the vaginal insert stays cleaner and will last longer.

Additionally, some sex doll manufacturers have different vaginal inserts (sold seperately) with varying textures allowing for a unique sexual experience. These vagina inserts are available online through sex doll manufacturers, Amazon and more. Therefore, if your sex doll??s vagina wears out, you can easily replace it if you choose the vagina insert model. Plus, having an extra insert allows for you to use one while the other is drying.

If you choose the removable vagina when you order a sex doll, the insert will come seperately packaged. Thus, you will have to insert the vagina before you use the sex doll. But how to insert a removable vagina in a sex doll? It??s relatively easy. First, you??ll need a talc based powder or TPE powder. Then follow these steps:
Lay the sex doll on her back on a flat surface.
Gently, slide your hand under the bend of the knee and lift toward her chest then push the leg outward, like she??s doing the splits.
Repeat this on the doll??s other leg, posing her with her legs open.
Sprinkle talc or TPE powder on the doll??s opening.
Liberally sprinkle powder on the outside of the vaginal insert.
Spread the doll??s hole open with your fingers and insert the vaginal tube.
Make sure the openings align, and you??re ready to go.
It is possible to cut the vagina from a sex doll. However, if it is a fixed vagina, your sex doll will be ruined and unusable. The reason for this is that sex dolls - which are molded with fixed vaginas - are more solid around the vaginal canal. On the other hand, sex dolls with removable vaginas have a larger, empty cavity in which to insert the vagina. So, if you want to cut the vagina from a sex doll, we would recommend that you go with a removable vagina in the beginning. That way, you won??t need to cut the vagina out.


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Yes, we do have sales from time to time. When creating an account or signing up for our sex doll giveaway, you??ll be added to our mailing list. Therefore, you will be notified of any upcoming sales or promotions.
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We want your sex doll companion to be the doll of your dreams. Therefore, depending on how far your doll is in the production process, you may or may not be able to make any changes. Although we cannot guarantee any changes can be made after the process has begun, we would like to work with you and see what we can do. Call us or email us at [email protected]
All dolls are custom, made-to-order and immediately sent for processing as soon as payment is received. For this reason, our clients are granted 24 hours - in which it would be possible to cancel an order. Unfortunately, the cancellation is subject to a 10% fee, as we incur expenses by the credit card companies and the allocation of time and resources by the factory.

Once 24 hours have passed it is no longer possible to cancel any order as the doll will be well into production and high costs will have been incurred. Questions about the Terms of Service should be sent t o us at [email protected]


Unfortunately, due to laws on hygiene, you cannot return your sex doll after the first 24 hours, especially if you??ve been intimate with him/her. However, we want to ensure your experience is a positive one well after your purchase. So, if your doll is damaged or broken, contact us at [email protected] and we will see what we can do to assist you. 

Additionally, several of the doll owner forums have tips on repairing your sex doll. Check out

The Doll Forum 

Our Doll Community 

UK Love Doll Forums 

We also suggest you search YouTube for step-by-step repairs of sex dolls made from TPE and silicone.
Yes, we do accept returns but only under certain circumstances. For instance, we only offer refunds on sex dolls that are defective or damaged by the manufacturing process or during shipping. Simply take photos of the damages, write down every detail and contact us within 24 hours of receiving your doll at [email protected]
Furthermore, please keep in mind that variations in skin color and make-up are common as our sex dolls are hand-crafted. Therefore, each has its own individual character which is not considered a defect or damage. Additionally, your sex doll??s eyelashes and fingernails are attached lightly and many come off during shipping. These items are easily fixed by using TPE safe glue.
Unfortunately, due to laws on hygiene, you cannot return your sex doll after the first 24 hours, especially if you??ve been intimate with him/her. However, we want to ensure your experience is a positive one well after your purchase. So, if your doll is damaged or broken, contact us at [email protected] and we will see what we can do to assist you. 

Additionally, several of the doll owner forums have tips on repairing your sex doll. Check out

The Doll Forum 

Our Doll Community 

UK Love Doll Forums 

We also suggest you search YouTube for step-by-step repairs of sex dolls made from TPE and silicone.


The most important aspect of caring for your sex doll with rooted hair is to keep the doll??s face and head from getting saturated. Therefore, it will take a little bit of time and talent to do so. Since your sex doll doesn??t have a scalp that sweats, it??s only necessary to shampoo the hair every 4 to 6 weeks.


To wash your sex doll??s rooted hair you must first decide which position is easiest and more comfortable for you. Here are the easiest positions:

Seat your sex doll in a tall chair or bar stool with the head leaning back over the sink.
Seat your doll on the bathroom floor with the head leaning back over the side of the tub.
Lay your sex doll on the edge of the bed or on a table, facing upward, with a bucket underneath (you will need a cup for rinsing).

Now, cover your sex doll??s face with an absorbent towel or cloth. Then, gather the following items from your sex doll grooming kit; bucket, shampoo/conditioner (a good wig shampoo and conditioner is best), towel and wig brush or comb. Next, follow these steps to wash your sex doll??s rooted hair:

Fill the bucket with warm water.
Use a plastic cup to dip into the bucket and get water. Saturate the doll??s hair being careful not to get water in the doll??s face and eyes.
Lather the doll??s hair with the shampoo working from the scalp to the ends of the hair.
Use the cup to rinse the shampoo out of the hair until the water runs clear. You may have to change the water in the bucket once.
To condition, change out the water bucket and repeat the above steps.
Squeeze any excess water from the doll??s hair.
Wrap the towel around the doll??s hair and gently squeeze to remove as much dampness as you can.
Sit your sex doll upright and comb through the hair, supporting the roots of the hair with your hand. Pulling too hard will tear the hair out and cause damage to the doll??s head.
Allow your doll??s hair to air dry or use a blow dryer, set on cool to dry the hair more quickly.
Once dry, style as usual.


Use hair barrettes, clips, twist pins, ponytail holders, scrunchies, headbands, bandanas and bobby pins for easy, cute hairstyles.
If all else fails, hats make a fantastic fashion statement.
Use YouTube wig styling tutorials to be a hair pro in no time.
Find stylists that will do house calls. Beauty schools often have students wanting practice.
Call your local beauty school or salon and ask if they do wigs. You can drop off and pick up.
Keep several wigs of all styles and colors on hand to change up your sex doll??s look.
Use a wig stand for drying and styling your sex doll??s wig.
Spraying and brushing through dry shampoo will give your sex doll??s hair a wonderful scent.
Using sponge or memory foam rollers on damp hair or wigs then allowing it to dry is an easy way to give your doll sexy waves and curls.
To find the right size wig, buy the smaller sizes or use wigs with adjustable caps built in.
All of the sex dolls at come with airbrushed permanent make-up on. However, after months of use and even gentle face washing, the make-up will start to fade. So, yes, your sex dolls make-up will come off after a while, but not immediately.
Sex dolls come with the bare minimum and we mean bare! Most sex dolls come with a very simple top or gown and nothing more than a smile. Therefore, it??s up to you to have some nice things waiting for your doll when he or she arrives.
Unless you are using your sex doll on a daily basis, you may be asking, ??How do I store my sex doll??? This is an important aspect of sex doll ownership for various reasons like privacy, keeping the doll clean, keeping the doll away from sunlight and increasing the life of the doll. Therefore, here are some tips on how to store a sex doll.
If you are looking for a way to save space in your home and tuck away your sex doll to protect her from dust, dirt and sunlight, consider a piece of storage furniture. Storage furniture is stylish, a fashionable piece of home decor and a means of saving space. The Doll Forum has a fantastic thread on doll storage here.
Knowing how to clean a sex doll removable vagina is extremely important for the life of your doll as well as your own sexual health. Fortunately, the removable vagina is much easier to clean and dry than the fixed vagina. You should do this each and every time you use your doll. Therefore, grab some antibacterial soap (from the grooming kit list ), a soft, absorbent towel, TPE powder (cornstarch or talc will do) and the make-up brush. Remove the vagina and take it to the sink and wet it with warm (not hot) water. Add a few drops of soap, inside and out and work it into a lather. Gently turn the vaginal sleeve inside out to be sure you are cleaning every inch. Rinse well until there are no more traces of soap. Wrap in an absorbent towel, preferably microfiber, which doesn??t leave lint behind. Gently pat dry. Turn the vagina back to its original form (outside out) and pat dry. Sprinkle TPE powder inside the vagina and use the make-up brush to spread it around. Do the same on the outside. Replace the removable vagina then spread more TPE powder on the doll??s labia and clitoris.
Once your sex doll??s wig is washed, dried, styled and ready, hold the wig in both hands with the hair side facing you. Open the wig and slip it on your sex doll??s head from the backside. Then, standing in front of your doll, adjust the wig so it sits straight on your doll??s head.
This guide was taken directly from the AI Tech website. Individual words may have been changed in instances of misspelling or language translation inconsistencies and in no way affect the message being delivered. AI TECH: HOW TO MAINTAIN AND CLEAN YOUR SILICONE/TPE ADULT DOLL? This is a question that anyone buying a silicone/TPE adult doll must ask themselves. Because it is vital to maintain your silicone/TPE doll if you wish to keep her as charming, soft and fresh as she was in the first weeks, for the years to come. HOW OFTEN SHOULD YOU CLEAN YOUR SILICONE DOLL? For hygiene reasons it is recommended to clean the private parts of your silicone/TPE doll immediately. For general cleaning, we advise you to do it at least once a month in order to conserve the freshness of your silicone doll for many years. Your doll will return the favor so do not neglect these little practical tips. AI TECH: CLEANING THE PRIVATE PARTS OF YOUR SILICONE/TPE DOLL. This is the most delicate part of maintaining your silicone real doll. Use of a condom can help you to avoid a lot of constraints although you should not forget to rinse her with a little water to remove the lube.? For those who do not like condoms and to ensure maximum pleasure, you will have to take care of your silicone doll??s vagina. A douche bulb cleaner is ideal to clean your silicone/TPE love doll. You just sit her up and insert the cleaner and gravity will do the rest. AI TECH: CLEANING THE SILICONE/TPE DOLL??S WIG. Nothing very original concerning cleaning wigs, you just need to use shampoo or soap to clean your silicone doll??s hair. One recommendation is that you brush the wig when it is wet to avoid bad surprises (knots??). AI TECH: CLEANING THE BODY OF YOUR SILICONE/TPE DOLL. Your silicone doll should be waterproof but some precautions should be taken to avoid damaging her.? First of all, you must avoid rubbing its body or face with a rough surface (e.g. scratch sponge): this could damage the silicone/TPE and the soft smooth aspect of your love doll??s skin.? Another precaution is to avoid putting the head directly under water. The water could infiltrate the fixation between the head and the body and you would lose out in sensations.? So you must be delicate and care for your silicone/TPE dolls with considerable precaution. You will therefore have the choice between washing your silicone doll in a bath or with a wet face cloth. You can use household soap or shower gel and wash the surface of the skin delicately. Have fun making this intimate moment a little sensual game of desire.? Once she is clean, you can powder her with talc in order to maintain the softness of the silicone the way it was the very first day. AI TECH: SEX ROBOT The AI Sex Robot is made from M-TPE. This is a modified version of classic TPE that Sex Dolls are made from that has a greater level of flex and elasticity in order that the face can make very noticeable expression and movements to give the impression of talking. The M-TPE is food grade and has MSDS and 16P certification. The elasticity is more than twice that of normal TPE material and more soft than silicone material. It has less oil expulsion and is not easily torn. It is more safe, comfortable and exquisite which is just what was required for the AI Tech Sex Robot. The Robotic parts are concealed within the head, safely within the plastic moulded cavity for protection. The neck is able to move left to right at the neck. The heating feature means the body of the robot reaches regular body temperature, ideal for cuddling. The M-TPE is body safe medical grade and has a real feel skin which is closest to real human skin.
Today??s sex dolls are more realistic and lifelike than ever before. It??s because of that, sex dolls can weigh up to 100 pounds or more. So, how do you move a sex doll that weighs as much as a human, especially when it is dead weight? Very carefully and for a couple of reasons: Carrying your sex doll properly can protect him/her from damage to the skin and small joints caused by bumping the doll on walls, corners, doorknobs or furniture. Knowing how to properly carry and move your sex doll is important to protect you from injury and muscle strain. The following are 4 methods of safely moving and carrying your sex doll. The Hug Carry? The Bridal Carry? Piggy Back? The Roll Around
To utilize the bridal carry method, do the following: Place your sex doll in a seated position. Approach your sex doll from the right or left, whichever is most comfortable for you. Raise the arm on that approached side slightly. Kneel down or bend at your knees to align your body with the doll??s. Place your arm under your doll??s raised arm and around her back. Adjust the doll??s arm over your shoulder or around your neck. Place your other arm under the bend of your sex doll??s knees. Pull the doll??s body toward you, resting her weight on your torso. Carefully stand straight up, using your legs and not your back. Deliver your sex doll to the desired location.
To utilize the hug carry to move your sex doll, do the following: If your sex doll has standing feet, stand her up, facing you. If your sex doll has standard feet, lean her against a wall, ensuring she is supported.? Raise her arms slightly. Slide your arms under hers and place them around her mid back.? Lock your hands together. You should be chest to chest with your doll. Gently lift your sex doll a few to several inches off the floor. Place your chin over one of your doll??s shoulders so you have a clear view of your surroundings. Carefully move your sex doll to her destination.
In order to carry your sex doll using the piggy back carry, do the following: Place your sex doll in a seated position with the torso leaning slightly forward. Extend both of the doll??s arms outward. Slide the doll??s knees apart, far enough that you can fit between them. Kneel or bend at the knees and place yourself between the doll??s legs with your back against the doll??s chest. Adjust the doll??s arms over your shoulders and around your neck. Slip each of your arms under the bend of the sex doll??s knees, pulling her against your back. Close the doll??s legs around your body. Holding your sex doll at the thighs or by reaching around and supporting her bottom, carefully stand straight up, using your legs to lift her weight, not your back. Lean slightly forward to balance the doll??s weight. Cautiously carry your sex doll to her destination.
There are 4 ways to move your sex doll using the roll around method, each requiring one of the following: a rolling office chair, a mechanic??s creeper, a hand truck (dolly) or a large child??s wagon. Additionally, you??ll need soft rope or soft bungee cords. THE ROLL AROUND: ROLLING OFFICE CHAIR Seat your sex doll in a rolling office chair. Be sure her feet are not touching the floor. Adjust your sex doll??s arms so that they are against her body and not protruding outside of the chair??s width. Be sure your doll is leaning against the back of the chair. Roll the chair around the house slowly. Avoid any quick stops so your sex doll doesn??t fall forward. THE ROLL AROUND: MECHANIC??S CREEPER Cover the creeper with a clean, soft towel or blanket, making sure it isn??t hanging and obstructing the wheels. Lay your sex doll flat on her back with her arms at her sides. If your mechanic??s creeper is much more narrow than your doll, GENTLY secure her to the creeper at the upper and lower body by using a soft rope or bungee cord. CAUTION: securing too tightly will cause creases or damage to your sex doll??s skin. You can prevent this by securing loosely, making sure your doll is wearing thicker clothing or covered in a soft blanket or towel. Secure a rope to the creeper so that you can pull it from a standing position. Or, you can crawl along the floor, pushing the creeper. Carefully move your sex doll to her next location. THE ROLL AROUND: WAGON Tip: Wagons can be used as a decorative piece of furniture with storage. Place a soft blanket or towel inside the wagon. Place your sex doll inside the wagon in a seated position with A) her legs straight forward B) Legs bent at the knees with feet flat on the bottom of the wagon or C) with knees bent and hanging over the front of the wagon with the handle between her knees. f your sex doll is larger, heavy or curvy, gently secure your doll using soft rope or bungee cords. CAUTION: securing too tightly will cause creases or damage to your doll??s skin. You can prevent damage by securing the rope of bungee cords loosely and making sure your sex doll is dressed fully or covered in a soft blanket. Slowly pull the wagon making sure you do not bump your dolls arms or legs into furniture or walls. Be cautious that the doll does not tip over, especially if she is large-breasted and top heavy. THE ROLL AROUND: HAND TRUCK (DOLLY) This method of moving your sex doll is ideal for dolls with the standing feet option. It can also be used for dolls with standard feet ONLY if the upper body is secure and the doll??s weight is NOT fully on the legs and feet. Cover the hand truck (also called a dolly) with a soft blanket or towel. Place your sex doll in a standing position, arms down at her sides, onto the hand truck. Secure the upper body with soft rope or bungee cords, especially if the sex doll has standard feet. CAUTION: securing too tightly can potentially damage your doll??s skin. Therefore, be sure your doll is fully dressed or wrapped in a blanket and that the rope or bungee cords are loosely secured. Tip the hand truck back and roll your sex doll to her desired location.
Sprinkle the doll with TPE powder and spread around with the make-up brush. Don??t TPE is a fantastic material that makes a sex doll feel incredibly real. The only downside to TPE is that it is a porous material, meaning it will absorb oils and dirt the more it??s handled. Therefore, it??s important to take care of your sex doll??s skin. So, here are our tips for cleaning your TPE doll: EASY SEX DOLL SPONGE BATH ?Grab your spray bottle, liquid soap, sponge bottle cleaner, absorbent towel, irrigation bulb, tampons, cotton swabs, TPE powder and make-up brush. Spread out towels on your bed or floor. Undress your doll, remove her wig and vagina (if an insert) or penis. Lie your doll on its back, legs and arms outward. Mix 1 part liquid soap with 3 parts warm water in the spray bottle and shake the mixture gently. Spray down your doll??s body, taking care to not get water in the neck and head. Use your hands to work in the mixture. Using a soft, absorbent towel, pat the doll dry. Remember NOT TO SCRUB OR RUB. Use a damp cloth to gently wipe the face, taking care around the eyes and lashes. Roll the doll over and do the same on the backside. To clean an attached vagina, saturate the bottle sponge with the soap and water mixture till squishy and soapy. Bend the dolls knees, gently spread the vagina with your fingers and insert the bottle sponge, washing gently but thoroughly. Fill the irrigator with warm water and flush the vagina. Do the same for the anal canal. You can also use the irrigator alone by filling it with soapy water. If your sex doll has a removeable vagina or penis, you can wash those in the sink with soap and warm water. Rinse well and set aside to dry. Move your doll to the bed or replace the wet towels under him/her with dry ones. Use a cotton swab to dab any excess water from the eyes, ears, nose and navel. Use a small, dry cloth to dry the inside of the vagina. Then place a tampon inside to hasten the drying process. Leave your doll to dry. You can use a fan to help it dry faster but keep the doll away from heat. Once dry, sprinkle the doll lightly with TPE powder and spread it with the make-up brush. Repeat around the vagina (inside and out), anus, under the breasts and between the butt cheeks. This will keep your sex doll feeling smooth and soft while protecting the TPE skin. BATHING YOUR TPE DOLL You can bathe your female TPE sex doll in the tub (male sex dolls cannot be put in water due to the penis bolt), you can even join her for a warm, romantic bath. Just remember, wet sex dolls are very slippery as well as being heavy. If it??s not easy for you to move your sex doll around, you may want to stick to the sponge bath. Gather a soft tub mat , sulfate-free soap, soft, absorbent towels, cotton swabs, TPE powder and make-up brush. Place the tub mat under the spot where the sex doll will be seated in the tub. This will keep it from slipping around. Place the doll in the tub, leaning it??s back against the end of the tub to stabilize it. You can use an inflatable bath pillow to help hold the doll in place as well. Fill the tub with warm, not hot, water. DO NOT allow water to get into the neck of the doll, this can cause problems with the doll??s skeleton. NEVER submerge the sex doll or put its head under water! Wash the doll gently with soap and your hands. Use a damp washcloth to gently wash the face. DO NOT scrub or rub the doll vigorously as it can damage the skin. Wrap a soft, dry towel around the doll??s upper body when removing it from the tub. Lie the doll on a dry towel and pat dry all over. Use cotton swabs around the eyes, nose, ears and navel. forget the vagina (inside and out), under the breasts, between the butt cheeks and between fingers and toes.
Cleaning a silicone sex doll is much the same as cleaning a TPE doll. The only difference is that TPE is porous and will hold dirt and oils, degrading the skin faster. However, you should still bathe your silicone doll every 2-4 weeks. Follow the sponge bath instructions here.
A sex doll with a fixed vagina has more realism than the removable vagina option. However, it??s much more difficult to clean in comparison. So it??s crucial that you know how to clean a sex doll??s fixed vagina for your health as well as the health and longevity of your doll. You will need the following items from the sex doll grooming kit list : The irrigator, antibacterial or another mild soap, the sponge bottle cleaner, the bucket, optional tampon, a microfiber washcloth, TPE powder and the make-up brush. Pull your sex doll to the edge of the bed, bend her knees so that her feet are at the edge and you have full access to her vagina. Put a towel under her bottom, hanging off the side of the bed. Then: Put about an inch of warm water in the bucket and place it on the floor under your doll to catch the water. Place the sponge bottle cleaner in the bucket of water while you wet the inside of the doll??s vagina with a small amount of water from the irrigator. Add soap to the sponge bottle cleaner and squish it with your hand, making suds. It should remain very wet and dripping. Wash the dolls outer vagina, labia and clitoris. Gently place the sponge bottle cleaner into the vagina. Do not force it in! Turn the bottle cleaner from side-to-side and pull it toward you, then back, to clean the entire vaginal vault. Next, use the remaining water in the irrigator to rinse the outside then inside of the vagina. Repeat until the water runs clear and there are no visible suds. Gently pat the outside of the vagina dry. Roll a microfiber cloth up long-ways and place it into the vagina to absorb any water. Let your doll dry for about an hour. You can use a fan or place a tampon inside the vagina to hasten drying. Next, apply TPE powder to the inside and outside of the vagina, spreading it with the make-up brush. Remember, washing out your doll??s vagina is necessary weekly if you regularly use her. However, an after-sex douche with the irrigator and warm, soapy water will suffice until her next bath time.
If you have purchased a previously loved sex doll or cannot find her measurements, measuring your sex doll for clothing is easy. First, you will need a tailor's measuring tape. These are cloth, very flexible and are meant for measuring the human body. Then, measure your sex doll by this chart. Write down the measurements so you??ll have them to compare to size charts when shopping.
You??ve invested in a premium, sex doll companion and now you have begun to spend time with him or her. The next step is to make sure you take proper care of your sex doll so that he or she lasts for many years to come. But where do you begin? The following is a comprehensive guide to sex doll care. Scroll through and click on the care subjects about which you want to learn.
This care guide is taken from the WM sex doll website and is in regard to the care and maintenance of WM branded sex dolls. Individual words may have been changed in instances of misspelling or language translation inconsistencies and in no way affect the message being delivered. WM: HOW TO CARE FOR YOUR WM DOLLS WM: OPERATING AND MAINTENANCE INSTRUCTION 1. Exterior layer is made of high standard elastic property TPE (thermoplastic elastomers) coupling with epoxy resins in firm body support and finely crafted skeleton. All materials complied with national health and safety standards which are harmless to humans and are environmentally friendly. 2. The skeleton and joints allow the model to pose in many positions and styles. With a little imagination, she can be very human. For durability, do not position at highly stretched positions over a long period of time. Although the elasticity of TPE material is marvelous, excessive stretching for long periods of time might result in deformation. Please reposition the model to its original position, with hands rested downward, after use. 3. It is a standard procedure during manufacturing to mount and position its skeleton at precise points. Various supports were attached during the injection process, thus there will be some small fillings to these holes which are not classified as manufacturing defects. 4. Avoid sharp objects or kneading with excessive strength. 5. Strongly advise to test color fading of dresses prior to wearing onto a model. Should particular dresses have signs of fading, please do not wear onto the model as stain could hardly be removed. We shall not be responsible for its consequences. 6. Do not expose a model under sunlight for a long period of time. This might increase aging of TPE material and life spends of the model. 7. Should a creasing or pressure mark occur, may apply a warm towel to the creased area. 8. Dust and dirt may be cleaned with normal washing detergent, dish washer or foam bath. Clean gently with palm and beware of finger nails and coarse materials which might affect or scratch its surface. When dried, apply with powder provided or cornstarch powder. Model will be as good as new again. We strongly recommend periodical maintenance of your model.?? 9. Should the model's surface experience scratch, cut or poke, please use supplied TPE glue to seal. Clean defected area with makeup remover before gluing. Make sure the defected surface is not in tension when applying TPE glue. Curing time is approximately half an hour. Should you have any other doubts in technical aspects or maintaining the model, please do not hesitate to contact the vendor for further assistance. [email protected]
Sex doll nail glue is the adhesive used to attach your doll??s finger and toenails. However, if you??ve run out of nail glue or misplaced yours, simply pick up some nail glue anywhere that sells cosmetics, nail polish and acrylic nails. Additionally, if you are satisfied with the nails your sex doll has, use clear super glue, TPE glue or silicone glue (for silicone sex dolls) for a more permanent maincure.
Yes, but only your sex doll??s head. After opening the shipping container, locate the accessories bag. Inside, you will find a pair of white, cotton gloves. Be sure and put those on before handling your doll??s head and body as the pressure used to install the head could damage the skin.? If your doll has a screw on head, watch this video to help you along with assembly. If your sex doll has a pop on head, watch this video to assist with your doll??s assembly.
This care guide was taken directly from the Irontech website. Individual words may have been changed in instances of misspelling or language translation inconsistencies and in no way affect the message being delivered. Sex doll care and usage 2017-09-07 We have put together a list of simple steps for maintaining the quality and life of your sex doll. IRONTECH: SEX WITH YOUR SEX DOLL Always use a water-based lubricant when entering the vaginal, anal and oral canals to prevent tearing of the skin. Do not put weight on your dolls hands or wrists (as in doggy-style), as they are not designed to bear weight and could break. To engage in doggy-style with your sex doll, support your dolls torso beneath her with pillows or furniture. IRONTECH: BATHING YOUR SEX DOLL Your silicone sex doll body should be thoroughly cleaned every 30 days by bath or shower using a mild antimicrobial soap. ?It is fine to sit your doll in water or shower with her, but do not let her head or neck submerge under the water. To wash your sex dolls face, very gently wipe with a wet cloth and mild antibacterial soap. Again, Do not submerge your dolls head in water. Use a soft absorbant towel and gently pat your sex doll dry after cleansing. After thoroughly dry, apply a light dusting with the included brush to keep her skin soft and velvety. Never use a hair dryer or other heat source to blow your doll dry. IRONTECH: VAGINAL, ANAL + ORAL CANAL CLEANING The vaginal, anal and oral areas of the doll should be cleaned after every use to avoid growth of bacteria, as TPE skin is more porous than Silicone. Flush the canal with mild antibacterial soap water in a vaginal irrigator until thoroughly clean, rinse the canal with clean water in a vaginal irrigator until all soap is removed. Dry canal thoroughly. Once dry dust with renewal powder inside and out. IRONTECH: SKIN CARE + CLOTHING If the skin becomes tacky to the touch, lightly dust your doll with renewal powder with included brush after cleansing and drying to make her skin velvety smooth again. This is very important to do to prevent tearing of your sex doll. Take care to make sure that any clothing put on your dolls is color transfer resistant. TPE is very porous and darker colors or patterns may bleed and cause discoloration to your doll and can be difficult or even impossible to remove. Though our Stain Remover does an excellent job of removing most clothing stains. Take care not to place your sex doll with or on items containing inks, such as newspapers, magazines, dark-colored material or leather materials containing oil-soluble pigments as well. Use only water-based lubricant. Silicone or petroleum based lubes can damage your doll's skin. Don't expose your sex doll to direct sunlight to prevent aging of the TPE material. IRONTECH: SKELETON CARE Your real love doll has a metal skeleton with several fixed and movable joints that allow her to be flexible and perform a wide range of poses. There are screw-fixing holes inside the joints, foot, and leg. It is normal for your doll to have some slight modification traces and marks at these parts. Take care when moving your doll around, because of her metal skeleton she can be a little heavy depending on her size. Avoid dropping your doll, or knocking her against hard surfaces. Avoid using sharp objects, stretching of limbs and extreme force with your doll as it could damage the skin and underlying skeleton. Damage will reduce the quality and lifespan of your doll. Your doll is manufactured in an upright position. Do not leave her in bent positions for long periods of time to avoid damage that could deform her or leave her standing her up on her feet for too long. Regularly alternating her position is best to keep her in top form. We recommend the Closet Bar Suspension (CBS) Storage kit for the safe storage of your love doll. IRONTECH: WIG CARES To clean your dolls hair, remove the wig from her head and clean the wig with a mild shampoo and conditioner.? Let the wig dry naturally (using a wig stand if possible) then gently comb the wig starting from the bottom and moving upward. IRONTECH: USE RESPONSIBLY Refrain from sharing your sex doll with anyone else, to prevent spreading of disease. Clean your silicone sex dolls vaginal, anal and oral canals with antibacterial soap and dry thoroughly after every use to prevent the growth of bacteria. We recommend the use of a condom with your doll to avoid growth of bacteria. Please use a water-based lubricant when having sex with your love doll to prevent tearing.
During the manufacturing process, sex doll creators use this method of storing the dolls. It keeps the doll??s skin in perfect condition while avoiding any indentations, discoloration and pressure on the skeleton and joints. The best way to store your doll is to use the optional hanger, available for purchase at Gently remove the sex doll??s head and place it on a flat surface away from any heat or light sources and away from any colored fabrics - they may bleed and seep into the skin causing stains. You may use an extra-large storage bag or a bag created specifically for sex doll heads to protect it during storage. Or, you can use a sex doll head stand . Screw the hanging bracket onto the bolt in the sex doll??s neck. Place the hook onto the bracket and hang your sex doll in the closet (away from any colored clothing) on a storage rack or from a hanging chair rack . Here is a great YouTube video on making a DIY closet hanging solution for your sex doll.
Yes, you can get stains out of a sex doll. First, try giving your doll a sponge bath or a bath in the bath tub. If the stain isn??t gone with normal cleaning, use our short guide for stain removal on TPE and silicone sex dolls .
Your sex doll skeleton is made from metal then covered in thick, molded TPE or silicone, further reinforcing it. The metal skeletons are extremely strong. However, because they are made of metal with joints, ball socket joints and bolts, they do have areas that are more delicate than others. For example, the human skeleton is strong and created to support organs, tissue and skin. However, some areas of the body are more prone to injury like arms, wrists, hands, fingers, legs, knees, ankles, feet and toes. In comparison, a metal sex doll skeleton is much the same - strong but with delicate areas. Furthermore, since a sex doll cannot tell you when you are overextending a joint or putting too much pressure on a limb, you must be cautious and treat your sex doll with the same care you would a human being. As a result, your sex doll and it??s skeleton will last longer.
Most of the time, you can clean your sex doll with things you already have on hand. However, some soaps and shampoos can be too harsh on TPE and silicone dolls and their wigs. Therefore, we have pooled together of list of grooming products you should keep on hand to clean your sex doll. Comb and wig brush? Mild soap (bar or liquid) preferably, sulfate free? Antibacterial liquid soap for the vagina and/penis Vaginal/anal irrigator (included with most sex dolls) Soft cloths (microfiber preferred) or sponges Soft, absorbent towels? TPE powder , cornstarch or baby powder Super absorbency tampons Cotton swabs Soft, large, dry cosmetic brush? Mineral or baby oil? Petroleum jelly Mild shampoo and conditioner Soft, sponge bottle brush? Empty spray bottle Small bucket (for fixed vagina sex dolls and anal cleansing)
If you use your sex doll??s anus for pleasure, it??s extremely important you know the process of cleaning the orifice. Furthermore, since the anal canal is smaller and tighter, it can be more difficult to clean. It can also harbor nasty bacteria and yeast. So, if you use your sex doll??s anus regularly, it??s important to do a thorough washing once every week or two. In between times, post-sex irrigation with warm, soapy water will be fine. Now, gather the following items from your sex doll grooming kit : irrigator, antibacterial soap, bucket, sponge bottle cleaner, microfiber washcloth, optional tampon, TPE powder and the make-up brush. Then, position your doll at the edge of the bed, knees bent and spread apart. Place a towel under the doll??s bottom, hanging down the bed to catch any excess water. Then: Fill the bucket with about an inch of warm water while filling the irrigator up. Place the bucket on the floor and between the sex doll??s legs. Soak the bottle cleaner with water, add soap and work it into squishy suds. Squirt a little water in the doll??s anus with the irrigator, then set that aside. Gently place the bottle cleaner into the anus and turn it in a circular motion while pulling it out. Next, rinse the anus using the irrigator until the water runs clean and there are no more visible soap suds. Pat the doll??s bottom dry with the microfiber cloth. Next, roll the microfiber cloth tightly, long-ways and place it in the anal canal gently to absorb the water. You can also place a tampon in the anal canal to speed the drying process. Let your sex doll dry for an hour. Then, using the make-up brush, spread TPE powder over the anus and genital area.
These quick tips will keep your sex doll clean and fresh in between thorough cleanings and include short-cut items you can add to your sex doll grooming kit . These baby bottle and nipple wipes are great for quick clean ups and are safe for TPE and silicone. They are free of alcohol and parabens and will not damage your sex doll like regular wipes can. Use a condom when enjoying sex with your sex doll. Don??t like condoms? Use a female condom for quick, easy clean-up. Use a spray-on, sex toy cleaner for fast clean-up and no rinsing necessary. These cleaners are safe for silicone and TPE, plus they will keep your sex doll??s materials (skin and openings) in tip top shape. This cleanser can be misted or streamed (for inside orifices) and doesn??t require rinsing. Add a sitz bath to your grooming kit for easy vagina and anus cleaning. For faster drying, use a desk fan or a blow dryer, set on cool.
Yes! Silicone sex dolls can take baths and it??s a great way to see the 4-6 weeks cleaning ritual as a pleasure, rather than a chore. Simply follow our bathing instructions here and read over our list of sex doll bathing no-nos to keep your sex doll free of injuries and stains.
Yes, bubble baths are safe for your sex doll as long as you use a gentle bubble bath product free from chemicals and additives that can stain or damage your doll??s skin. You can follow our bathing tips. However, be sure and read our sex doll cleaning no-nos before you slip into that warm, bubble bath.
Caring for your sex doll??s wig is much easier than caring for rooted hair because you can remove the wig for washing and styling. Therefore, before washing your sex doll??s wig, gather the following items from your sex doll grooming kit ; shampoo/conditioner, a dry towel and the wig comb/brush. To wash your sex doll??s wig: Remove the wig from your sex doll??s head and take it to the sink. Fill the sink half way with warm water. Lay the wig in the water, making sure the hair is fully saturated. Lift the wig and add shampoo. Gently work the shampoo through the hair until it??s full of suds. Let the water out of the sink, turn on the faucet and thoroughly rinse the hair until the water runs clear. Repeat the above steps for conditioning the hair. Gently squeeze any excess water from the wig then place it inside the dry towel. Gently squeeze the water out of the hair until it??s damp and no longer dripping. Place the wig on a wig stand (or any wide, circular or rounded item like a coffee can). Brush or comb through the wig from the roots to the ends, holding your hand on top of the wig. Allow the wig to air dry or use a blow dryer set on low. Check out our hair and wig styling tips.
Anywhere you can buy wigs, you can buy a wig for your sex doll. Just be sure and buy a wig that has a sticky cap inside to keep the wig from slipping off your doll??s head. You can purchase synthetic wigs, synthetic human hair wigs and human hair wigs, although that type can be expensive. Additionally, you can find wigs of all colors, textures and lengths to mix up your sex doll??s look. Here are some fantastic places to buy wigs online: Amazon carries a fantastic assortment of wigs. Here is a list from Essence for the best wigs for women of color. This place has the best wigs for fantasy, drag, and cosplay plus provides some great tutorials. This online wig store has everything you could want including codes, sales, % off, and a membership.
If you??ve owned your sex doll for a little while, you may find an injury and be asking, ??How can I repair a small tear on my sex doll??s skin??? Small tears on the skin of your doll are incredibly simple to repair. Additionally, with the proper glue, you won??t be able to tell your sex doll was ever damaged in the first place. However, it??s important that you use the proper adhesives for the type of sex doll that you own. To assist you, we have put together a quick list of how you can repair a small tear in your sex doll??s skin. To read more, click here to read how to repair a TPE sex doll or click here to learn how to repair a silicone sex doll
No, we do not repair sex dolls. However, since we offer all of our buyers after-sales care , please contact us via the website, telephone or by emailing us at [email protected] and we will do everything we can to help you.
Yes, there are many things to avoid when cleaning and caring for your sex doll. In doing so, you are ensuring that your sex doll will last longer and will require fewer repairs. Avoid anything sharp that can pierce or cut the sex doll??s skin. Do not bump or bang your doll on furniture, corners, counters, door frames etc. Avoid submerging a sex doll??s head in water. Do not get the neck crease wet. Avoid high temperatures. Avoid sunlight. Never use chemical cleaners (unless approved). Avoid ink, dirt, paint or anything that can stain the doll. Avoid overstretching joints, arms, legs, back etc. Avoid high humidity. Avoid all oil or silicone-based products, including lubricants. Do not put anything tight around a sex doll for an extended period of time. Do not drop, toss or throw a sex doll. Avoid putting weight on the doll in bent positions. Never use perfumes on a sex doll??s skin. Never skip a sex doll??s maintenance or cleaning. Keep sex dolls away from small children and pets.
Sex dolls eyes look very realistic. However, behind that pretty face are very simple half-circle eyes. Moreover, believe it or not, you can change them out. Now, you may be asking, ??How do I change my doll??s eyes??? Well, it??s relatively easy and we are going to tell you how. First, you??ll need the cotton gloves that came with your doll and a thin craft stick or ear cleaning tool. Remove your doll??s head and wig and place the head on a sturdy surface. Carefully use your thumb and forefinger to open the doll??s eye socket. Slide your forefinger from your other hand between the eye and eyelid. Gently pull the eye out. Push back any foam or cotton that may be protruding from the socket. Take the new eye and place it into the eye socket at an angle; top or bottom first. Allow the eyelids to close around the eye. With the wooden stick or ear tool, go around the eyes to pull the skin into place. If the eye isn??t straight, slide your finger behind the eye and adjust it. Repeat these steps with the other eye. This company creates beautiful, custom eyes for sex dolls. Watch their YouTube video to see their product and see how easy it is to change your sex doll??s eyes.
A sex doll skeleton looks like a minimal, metal rendition of a basic mannequin. The skeleton has about 160 ??bones?? (give or take a few, depending on the manufacturer) with joints that allow the sex doll??s body to be placed in various positions. Keep in mind though, that these skeletons see frequent upgrades which make them more realistic and stronger. Here are a few examples of sex doll skeletons from WM and 6Ye.
As mentioned in the step-by-step list for changing a sex doll??s eyes, this company has created eyes that have magnetic parts so you can easily change the color and style of eye without removing the entire eyeball. Check out their video. Other places that sell sex doll eyes are Amazon sellers, vendors on Ebay, manufacturers like JY Doll, and from artists on Etsy.
Yes, you can put jewelry on your sex doll. However, there are a few things to keep in mind to protect your sex doll from stains and damage. Sex dolls can wear any jewelry, even pierced earrings, nose studs etc. Just be careful that they are not pulled or get caught in bedding or clothing. Cheap jewelry can leave stains on your sex doll. Be sure to take it off after a day or so. Be sure jewelry isn??t too tight as it can leave permanent dents and marks on your doll??s skin. When putting on cuff type bracelets, be careful not to cut your doll??s skin. Heavy earrings can pull, stretch and damage your doll??s ear lobes. Be cautious of pendants with sharp edges. Do not pierce your doll??s ears, nose, lip, nipples or clitoris unless you want it to be permanent. This can also cause those thinner areas of skin to tear. Piercings can grow larger over time. Keep jewelry light as not to leave marks, dents or cuts on your doll??s skin.
All of our gorgeous sex dolls come with realistic eyelashes. Unfortunately, those lashes will start to come off after a little while. However, don??t worry, we??ve got step-by-step instructions on how to install eyelashes on a TPE sex doll. Just click here and follow along.
When purchasing a sex doll from us, you can add the optional flight case. Otherwise, if you already own a sex doll, contact us and you can purchase a flight case. Our flight cases are long enough to store most all sex dolls, plus the case??. Features reinforced construction to protect your sex doll from damage. Keeps your sex doll away from dust, dirt, and sunlight. Locks to keep your sex doll safe and your privacy in order. Features wheels for easy movement. You can read more about our flight case here.
To repair a tear on your silicone sex doll, move your doll to a flat, sturdy work space. Place your doll in a lying-down position, as not to put stress on the injury. Then: Use your spray bottle filled with warm water and soap. Spray the area around the tear and work the soapy water around with your fingers. Pat the area dry gently with a microfiber cloth. Check the tear and dry it if necessary. Put on gloves to protect your hands from the glue. Open the cut gently and apply a couple of drops of silicone glue to both sides of the cut. Use a small make-up brush to smooth the glue out, covering the entire area. Pinch the cut together and hold for about 20 seconds. Release the skin and wipe away any excess glue. The skin tear should seal completely and disappear. Leave your sex doll in that position for 24 hours to allow the tear to seal and dry properly.
It??s much easier to prevent a catastrophe from happening with your sex doll rather than trying to make the difficult and oftentimes impossible internal repairs. Therefore, we have put together a little guide on how to prevent tears in a TPE or silicone sex doll??s vagina and anus.? NEVER use oil-based or silicone-based lubricants, baby oil, petroleum jelly or body lotions while being intimate with your sex doll. These products break down silicone and TPE leading to drying, cracking and destruction. ALWAYS use water-based lubricants created specifically for use with TPE and silicone sex toys. Be gentle and limit the time you spread your sex doll??s legs apart. Forcing the legs apart too far, frequently, plus adding your weight to the doll will quickly break down the TPE or silicone, causing tears. Mix things up and use sexual positions that do not spread the legs too far apart Clean your sex dolls openings after each and every use. Body fluids are alkaline and left inside of a sex doll??s orifice to dry will quickly, grow bacteria and fungus, destroying your sex doll quickly. Be sure and dry the area thoroughly. Always use the TPE powder to keep the TPE and silicone conditioned properly. The powder decreases the friction that stresses and stretches the skin Chill on the rough sex. Unless you want to pay for major repairs or have to replace your doll every few years, limit the rough sex to an occasional basis. Rough sex wears on your doll??s vagina, anus and mouth and can cause premature tears and rips in the TPE and silicone Just because she can, doesn??t mean she should. Sure, your sex doll can do the splits, but putting your sex doll in those type of positions will weaken the skin in the genital area and will cause tears, splits, and damage that is difficult to repair.
While we don??t recommend performing surgery on your sex doll (that should be left to professionals) you can change out your sex doll??s head, removable vagina, penis, eyes, nails and lashes. Even if you??re a DIY master, working with TPE and silicone takes skill and workmanship best left for people who know what they??re doing.
Each and every sex doll we sell looks stunning in her (and his) photo shoots, but how do you get that look at home? After all, sex dolls aren??t sold with the clothing you see. Well, all it takes is knowing what size clothing your sex doll wears and maybe a little bit of knowledge on make-up application and wig care. However, if you??re not skilled in makeovers and hairstyling, we have tips to help you along. Plus, we have tips on where to shop, what to buy and how to have your sex doll looking gorgeous all the time.
The doll??s head does not count in the length, for instance, when referring to shipping packaging, as her head is not attached. However, if you are referring to the overall height of the doll, then yes, she is measured from her head to the floor.
Shopping for clothing for your sex doll has never been so easy or convenient. With millions of shops to choose from online, as well as plenty of shops to visit in person, your choices for dressing your doll are endless. Here are some tips to make shopping a little easier. SHOPPING ONLINE Always refer to the size charts for any clothing brand or shop. Some articles of clothing have their own size charts. Read reviews to see if items are true to size. Women are great at leaving reviews. Click the ??read more?? on descriptions to learn if the fabric is stretchy, if it fits true to size or if it has a conversion chart for sizing. Amazon has a great wardrobe program where they will send the clothing you choose and you simply send back anything that doesn??t fit. Never trust something marked ??one size fits all?? unless there are reviews. Look for monthly box programs for panties, lingerie and clothing. They will send things in her size every month. Remember, all women??s clothing runs differently, which is why we cannot express enough to use the sizing charts. SHOPPING IN PERSON Carry her measurements with you when you go shopping. Ask for help and tell the salesperson you are shopping for your wife, girlfriend, daughter, granddaughter etc. Lingerie shops and department stores have custom bras and lingerie. Learn the brands and size differences by shopping online first. Once you know her size in Levis - and other brands - jeans, it makes it easier to shop for her in person. Relax and have fun. Once you get the hang of shopping for your sex doll, you??ll be able to hold an article of clothing up and know whether or not it will fit.
Your sex doll can wear any type of shoes you like. However, even dolls with the standing feet option have difficulty standing in heels of any kind. Since the dolls have very fine structure in the feet and toes, they tend to slide down the shoes and the toes get smashed and deformed. Therefore, if you want to see your sex doll in heels, she should be sitting or lying down.? Furthermore, dolls with the standing feet option can stand in flat shoes as long as their skeleton isn??t too loose. Most standing feet dolls are posed leaning against a wall, a counter, a chair or another piece of furniture. In addition, most doll enthusiasts recommend sneakers, especially high tops, as they support the foot and ankle.? SEX DOLL SHOE TIPS Don't buy shoes any larger than 1 size up. Do not leave high heels on your sex doll for too long, it will crease the feet and ankles. Always leave socks on your sex doll to protect the feet. Use care when slipping your sex doll??s feet into shoes. The feet and toes are delicate. Stockings, socks and baby powder help shoes slip on more easily and help prevent sticking. If putting boots on your sex doll, be sure they have zippers. Slip on boots can cause the feet and ankles to twist, fold or deform. Some sex doll owners have learned to modify steel plates for their sex doll??s feet which enable standing in heels. Click here to see this clever trick. Thick insoles, memory foam and gel insoles help protect your sex doll??s feet. Pointed toe shoes will squeeze the toes together and deform your sex doll??s feet. After removing your doll??s shoes, sprinkle baby powder on the feet if the toes are stuck together.
Yes, you can put make-up on your sex doll. However, since TPE and silicone tend to stain easily, you have to be careful as to the type of make-up you use. Therefore, we have put together a list of make-up dos and don??ts so you can makeover your sex doll without causing stains or using cosmetics that will not come off. SEX DOLL MAKE-UP DOS Do remove your sex doll??s head and use the white, cotton gloves while doing her make-up. Use Pond??s cold cream for make-up goofs or to remove old make-up. Only use powder based make-up found in any drug store, general merchandise store or cosmetics shop. Use false eye lashes and lash glue for dramatic, glamorous eyes. Do use lipstick or vaseline for a glossy look. Use make-up brushes to apply make-up in addition to having brushes for each type of make-up (ie: blush, foundation, eyeshadow, lipstick). Use a brush to apply lipstick rather than using it straight from the tube. Powder based contouring kits are best for shaping the face. Use blush colors or eyeshadow to color the lips instead of lipsticks. Cover with a light layer of vaseline or baby oil if you want a glossy look. Do start by covering the entire face with face powder in a tint that matches your sex doll??s skin color. SEX DOLL MAKE-UP DON??TS Do not use liquid foundations, they soak into TPE and smear on silicone. Do not use glittery make-up as it sticks to TPE and silicone, making it extremely difficult to remove. Steer clear of lip stains and lip gloss. They smear easily and will stain your doll??s face. Eye liners, eyebrow pencils and gels will stain TPE and silicone. Use powder based instead. (If you want the eye liner to stay, that??s fine, just be precise when applying). Do not use cream based blush, it will soak into TPE and stain. Avoid using the same make-up brush for eyeshadow, blush, eyebrows etc. The colors will mix and get muddy. You do not have to spend a fortune on make-up, your doll will be beautiful with drugstore make-up.
Yes, you can add mascara to your sex doll??s eyelashes. However, it??s much easier to do if you remove your doll??s head. Be careful, mascara can easily stain TPE and silicone. Therefore, it??s best to keep cold cream or baby oil nearby - along with cotton swabs - to remove any mascara that gets on the doll??s face.
Caring for your sex doll??s nails is very easy, as long as you keep them as-is. In other words, if you don??t want fancy manicures, you can glue the nails on with clear TPE, silicone or super glue and not worry about them. However, use care when moving your sex doll around and being intimate as the nails can easily break off.
Painting your sex doll??s nails is an easy way to change up her look. However, you must be careful in how you do it as well as knowing what products are safe. Sex doll nails are attached loosely with nail glue. The reason for this is that it allows the nails to be removed, painted and reattached by using the glue included with your sex doll. You can also use nail glue which is available at most drugstores and general merchandise stores. Therefore, to paint your sex doll??s nails: Carefully remove your doll??s nails. Paint them the desired color and let the nails dry for an hour. Replace the nails using nail glue and allow them to dry for an hour. If the nails are already painted, use a NON ACETONE polish remover. Never do your doll??s nails while on her hands. You can cause stains and the polish can seep through the nails. Never use any polish remover on the nails while they are still on your doll. Use polishes that are compatible with acrylic nails. Fast dry polishes are great and look just as nice as regular polishes.
People who have never owned a sex doll oftentimes ask ??Can I break my doll during sex??? That??s a valid concern, especially when you??re making a high-dollar investment. The answer to the question is likely not. However, you need to keep some important things in mind: Sex dolls aren??t capable of posing in all the same positions as a human. Therefore if you force your sex doll into an odd position, you could break it. We all know how passionate and wild sex can be and we??ve had our fair share of sex injuries. However, being too rough with a sex doll may break it. Be especially careful with a doll??s limbs and small parts like the hands, feet, fingers and toes as these are much more delicate and prone to breaking. Putting too much weight on a sex doll??s joints may cause them to break. Therefore, as much as you want to collapse on top of her, be mindful of the position the doll is in. Make sure there are no sharp objects in bed or near the doll. Pressing the doll against a hard surface can cause depressions in the skin. Don??t leave a sex doll in positions that put weight on the knees, ankles, feet, elbows, wrists and hands for long periods. Use pillows to offset the doll??s body weight. Check out this video from WM Dolls so you can see for yourself how a sex doll skeleton moves.
Sex dolls can be posed in many different positions and he/she will never complain about getting tired or having a leg cramp! Just remember that your doll will not be holding their own weight nor will they be able to balance themselves. Therefore, not all sexual positions will be possible. However, trying various sexual positions will be a blast. Here are some great links to stir your bedroom creativity: Women??s Health Magazine Sex position guide.? Sexual positions with the male being active. Sexual positions with the female being active.
Cleaning your sex doll??s openings is probably the most important thing you can do to extend the life of your doll and keep it healthy for you. After all, would you have sex with a male or female every day knowing they never bathed? Granted, your sex doll doesn??t sweat or have other odor secreting glands. However, the build up of bodily fluids in a sex doll??s openings can grow yeast and bacteria as well as drying out the silicone or TPE. The next several paragraphs will explain how to clean your sex doll??s openings. First, be sure and gather a sex doll grooming kit. That list is here. These are all things that will help you keep your sex doll clean and smelling fresh which, in turn, will give you many happy years with him/her.
Actually, no. Sex dolls do not come with make-up on them, although it does look that way. Each sex doll has her own, unique look. From a natural look to a more glamorous, made-up look, each doll is airbrushed and has coloring applied which is a semi permanent ??make-up??. However, with continued use, touching and wiping down, the coloring will fade. For those reasons, many sex doll owners like to glam up their natural looking dolls or add make-up later, after the airbrushing begins to fade.
Knowing how to prevent stains on a sex doll is a crucial thing for owners. TPE dolls are especially prone to stain easily as the material is porous, attracting oils, dirt, dust and stains. Furthermore, although silicone is not porous, sex dolls made of silicone can still be stained by dyes in body wash, bubble baths and clothing. Therefore, we have created a list of things you can do to prevent stains on a sex doll. Click here to read our list.
A hybrid sex doll combines the best of both worlds; a stunningly realistic silicone head with a soft, lifelike TPE body. You??ll need to thoroughly bathe or wash your hybrid sex doll every 2-4 weeks to stop the build up of oils and dirt that can break down the doll??s skin. Your hybrid doll can be sponge bathed or given a bath. Click here for step-by-step sponge bath instructions or, if you??d like to bathe your doll in the tub, click here.
Keeping your male sex doll??s penis clean is a very important step in prolonging your doll??s longevity as well as protecting your sexual health. You see, a dirty penis can spread all sorts of nasty organisms like yeast, e-coli and other bacteria, all of which can cause urinary tract infections, bacterial vaginosis and yeast infections in both men and women. Therefore, to clean your sex doll??s penis, you will need the following things from your sex doll grooming kit ; antibaterial soap, soft, microfiber cloth, TPE powder and a make-up brush. Remove the sex doll??s penis by gripping the shaft, near the body, and turning in a counter-clockwise motion. Then: Take the penis to the sink and run it under warm, not hot, water. Put a few drops of antibacterial soap onto the penis and work it into a lather. Rinse thoroughly with warm water till there are no more suds. Gently pat the penis dry. Next, use the make-up brush to apply TPE powder to the penis, not overlooking the testicles. Replace the penis.
Keeping your sex doll??s hair clean and fresh is important so they look their best. However, you must use caution so you don??t get your doll??s head wet. The next 3 paragraphs will give you tips on washing your sex doll??s rooted hair or wig, as well as tips and tricks for styling.
Keeping your sex doll??s penis insert clean is an important aspect in your sexual health, especially if you use the insert for anal penetration. Therefore you must clean the penis insert after every sexual encounter. However no need to worry, it??s extremely easy to do and will only take a few minutes. Now, grab the following items from your sex doll grooming kit; antibacterial soap, soft, microfiber cloth, TPE powder and the make-up brush. Remove the penis insert from your sex doll and take it to the sink. Next, do the following: Run the penis insert under warm, not hot, water. Apply a few drops of antibacterial soap and work into a lather, covering the entire shaft, the head, testicles and insert portion. Rinse under warm water until all of the soap is gone. Pat the penis insert dry. Apply the TPE powder, using the make-up brush to spread it around being sure to cover the entire insert. Replace the insert or store in a sex toy bag or wrapped in a clean, dry microfiber cloth.
Yes, you certainly can put your female sex doll in a bath! You can even take a romantic, leisurely soak with your sex doll. Follow our bathing instructions here. Just remember these rules: SEX DOLL BATHING NO-NOS ?Male sex dolls cannot be submerged in water due to the penis bolt. Never submerge your sex doll??s head; water will get trapped inside. Do not get water into the neck of the doll; the skeleton can rust. If your doll has any deep cuts or exposed skeleton, DO NOT get your sex doll wet. Use warm water, not hot; hot water can damage and cause TPE to misshape. Never use soaks, bubble baths, oils or gels with artificial colorings; they can stain your doll. Use a clean, dry towel when taking your doll out of the bath; she will be slippery and dropping her could cause damage to the skeleton or skin. Never use loofas or poof scrubbers on your sex doll??s skin; it will cause damage.
You can take your sex doll into a hot tub as long as the temperature is no hotter than a bath. Basically, if the water turns your skin pink or red, it??s too hot for you sex doll. As a result, you can permanently damage your sex doll??s skin or cause depressions in the doll??s tissues.
Take a walk down the nail care aisle of any store and you??ll find a full array of nail decals, sparkling gems and stickers. These products are extremely easy to use, last a long time and can give the appearance of a professional manicure, Additionally, they can be placed on your sex doll??s nails without having to remove the entire nail. They look great on toenails too.
Showering with a TPE sex doll isn??t recommended as water can get into the dolls head causing mold, mildew and odors and the neck causing the neck bolt and skeleton to rust. However, you can take a bath with your TPE sex doll. Click here for our easy, bathing instructions.
To be honest, taking your sex doll into the shower isn??t a good idea and here is why: You will need to keep your doll upright. Your doll can easily slip and fall, causing damage to the skeleton. Water running over the doll??s head will leak into the head causing mold, mildew and odors. The doll??s neck bolt can get wet causing rust and degradation. YOU could slip and fall trying to keep your sex doll from doing so. However, if you are comfortable holding your doll??s weight and are careful to keep her head out of the water, you can shower with her.
Knowing how to repair a sex doll orifice with TPE glue is an extremely difficult thing to do. Firstly, the tears being inside of your sex doll makes it a tough spot to reach. Secondly, you could potentially glue the anal canal or vagina closed, causing even more damage when you try to use your doll again. There are several threads on The Doll Forum that address this issue. Some have been successful at making the repairs and still others have had to send their doll for repairs, add a vaginal insert or replace the doll completely. We highly recommend that you join The Doll Forum so you can be in touch with doll owners that know what they??re doing. In the meantime, here are some ways to prevent the tearing of a sex doll??s orifices:
If you aren??t familiar with sex dolls in general, you may be asking, ??What does a sex doll metal skeleton mean??? As a whole, it means that high-quality, realistic sex dolls are created with a metal skeleton inside. The skeleton, much like a human??s skeleton, holds the body together and allows it to bend and move. While the human body is capable of much more movement, a metal sex doll skeleton allows a doll to be moved and posed in many positions that a human can achieve. However, since metal skeletons don??t have tendons and muscle to protect the joints, a sex doll is more prone to wear and tear and damage if pushed into unnatural positions.
Your sex doll??s skin is made from TPE, a material that feels like human skin but is a synthetic material. Therefore, after she??s been in a position for a long period of time, you may notice wrinkles or creases in the skin. Accordingly, in order to remove those creases, you simply need to move your doll into a position where the body is not bent in any way. For example, this can be done by laying the doll on a flat, soft surface for a few days or hanging your doll, which is the way manufacturers store the dolls during the creation process. Furthermore, don??t keep your sex doll in a chair or any other bent position for long periods of time as this can cause the tissues to tear. A long-time sex doll restoration specialist, Slade Fiero had this to say in an interview with The Sun:? ??Not being stored properly they can acquire pressure creases which end up turning into big tears and open rips that are sometimes irreparable.?? Finally, the following procedure can remove deep creases and wrinkles more quickly. You??ll need the following items: a white, thick washcloth (big enough to cover the creased areas), a handheld blow dryer, a clean, dry microfiber towel. Then: Place your doll in a flat position on a sturdy area such as a table or a bed. Lay your doll on a clean sheet, blanket, or towel. Take the washcloth and soak it thoroughly with warm water. Squeeze out the excess water. Lay the wet washcloth over the creased area. Use the blow dryer on warm and focus it on the wrinkled area, 8-12 inches away. After 5-10 minutes, check the creases and the skin to make sure it hasn??t overheated. If the creases are still there, wet the washcloth again and repeat. If the creases are not flattening out, you may have to hang your doll for several days or seek advice from someone more familiar with sex doll repairs.
If your place is tight on space and you have ample room under your bed, this can be a great place to store your sex doll. However, you must be sure that she is covered to reduce the collection of dust and dirt. Also, she should be on a padded surface to prevent stress on her skeleton and to prevent indentations on the doll??s body. A fantastic way to do this is to find a large, zippered storage bag. Line one side of the bag with foam. Lie your doll on her back with her arms at her sides and wrap her in a soft blanket. Place her in the storage bag, zip it up and slide it under your bed. Alternatively, if you hang on to your sex doll??s shipping box, it??s a great place to store your doll and keep him/her hidden, secure and free from damaging dust, dirt, sunlight, and heat. Just be sure to wrap your sex doll in the blanket in which it was shipped to protect the doll further.
Your sex doll may not get morning breath but he/she may get a nasty case of penis breath if you don??t clean the mouth on a regular basis. Therefore, cleaning your sex doll??s mouth is important for cleanliness, reducing build up of mold, yeast and bacteria and prolonging the life of your doll. A cleaning ritual after every sexual encounter is crucial and a quick irrigation with soapy water will do. However, cleaning your sex doll??s mouth thoroughly once a week or so will keep your doll??s tissues healthy and extend your doll??s life. Before getting started, gather the following items from your sex doll grooming kit ; bucket, irrigation bulb, antibaterial soap, sponge bottle cleaner, microfiber cloth, TPE powder and make-up brush. First, position your doll at the edge of the bed with its head turned to the side and mouth angled downward, toward the floor. This position will prevent water from getting into the head. Slide a towel under the head and drape over the side of the bed to catch any excess water. Follow the next steps: If your sex doll has a removeable tongue, remove and wash in the sink and pat dry. Put a small amount of warm water in the bucket and place it on the floor under the doll??s face. Fill the irrigator with warm water and squirt a little inside the mouth to dampen it. Place the sponge bottle cleaner in the bucket, saturating it with water. Add soap and use your hand to create wet suds. Carefully place the sponge bottle cleaner into the mouth being mindful not to hit the teeth with the cleaner??s handle. Turn the sponge bottle cleaner from side to side and in and out a few times. Remove the bottle cleaner and rinse with warm water, using the irrigator, until the water runs clear. Next, roll up the microfiber cloth, long-ways, and gently place it into the mouth to absorb any excess water. Allow the mouth to dry for an hour. Replace the tongue. Use a small amount of TPE powder, spread around with the make-up brush, inside and outside of the mouth to prevent stickiness.
Did you undress your sex doll only to find that the jeans left your doll??s legs stained blue? Or maybe you had a little mishap and spilled punch or wine on your doll. Either way, stains on your TPE sex doll need to be removed. First, try giving your TPE doll a sponge bath or a bath in the bathtub. If the stain isn??t gone, you??ll need to take more aggressive steps to remove the sex doll TPE stains. Click here for step-by-step instructions on how to remove stains.
Knowing how to repair a sex doll is important for any sex doll owner. Firstly, doing minor repairs yourself will save you some serious cash. Secondly, repairing your sex doll yourself will protect your investment and provide your sex doll with a longer life expectancy. Therefore, we have several quick lists and guides to help you learn how to repair a sex doll. Click here to read about fixing a broken sex doll. You can read about how to repair a silicone sex doll by clicking here. Learn how to repair a TPE sex doll by clicking here.
Anything you want! You??re only limited by your imagination. Therefore, if you love lacey and racy lingerie or classy, sophisticated clothing, you can dress your sex doll in anything you wish. Just keep in mind a few things: Clothing that stretches is easier to get on your doll, button down and wrap clothing goes on easily and finally, always wash your doll??s clothing before dressing her. Types of clothing to choose from can be: Ready to wear like jeans, shorts, tees, sweaters and blouses. Dresses, sundresses, cocktail dresses and other formal wear. Undergarments, panties, bras, stockings, corsets, garter belts and bustiers. Costumes, fantasy wear, Lolita, babydoll, gamer costumes and BDSM wear. CLOTHING ITEMS TO AVOID Chainmail, metal items Clothing with metal grommets, snaps and accessories Cheaply dyed clothing Clothing that is too tight or far too small
SEX DOLL FASHION DOS Find easy to slip on clothing like button down blouses, bras that fasten in back or front and wrap around dresses. Use baby powder on your sex doll so clothing slips off and on easily. Change up your sex doll??s look by using temporary (non henna) tattoos, costumes and different make-up looks. Use baby oil, mineral oil or Pond??s cold cream for make-up and glue removal. Look for jeans, leggings and other clothing with a Lycra, stretch blend. Always wash clothing before dressing your doll to prevent dye transfer and stains. High top shoes or boots further stabilize sex dolls with the standing feet option. Always keep stockings or socks on your doll to prevent damage and dirt on the doll??s feet. Apply perfumes lightly to clothing or hair only. SEX DOLL FASHION DON??TS Do not choose clothing that??s too tight and doesn??t stretch. It can leave dents or damage the doll??s skin. Never force your doll??s arms and legs into unnatural positions while dressing her. You can break the skeleton. Do not put perfume on your sex doll??s skin, it will cause damage. Do not use acetone nail polish remover while the nails are on your doll, it will damage the skin. Do not use make-up removing wipes, baby wipes or towelettes on your doll. Only use recommended products. Be careful with buttons, snaps, grommets and studs when dressing your doll. They can damage the skin. Don??t change your doll??s eyelashes with the eyes in the sockets. The glue can ruin the eyeballs. Do not store your doll in clothing or jewelry. Never use liquid or cream make-up of any kind on your sex doll, it absorbs into the skin and will stain.
ll looked gorgeous in her online photos! But if you??re curious how you can make your doll look like those online photos, you??ll first need to know a few things. Firstly, all sex dolls are photographed by skilled photographers using professional equipment and lighting. Secondly, sex dolls have professional make-up artists to make them look perfect for their shoot. Finally, sex dolls have expensive wardrobes and are posed by professionals whom have been photographing sex dolls for years. So, how can you make your sex doll look like her online photos after she??s home? Follow these tips for a great photo shoot at home. Give your sex doll a glam look by following a make-up tutorial. Dress her in your favorite outfit. Don??t forget that dolls without standing feet should be photographed in sitting or lying down positions. Standing dolls will still need to be propped against a chair, wall, counter or piece of furniture. Use a layer of face powder to keep her face from looking shiny. You can do the same with her body parts. Natural light is best. Open your blinds, remove lampshades or move your sex doll outside. Pose your doll and take photos from different angles - for example, at an upward angle, from the side or standing over top of your doll. Arching your doll??s back will accentuate her bottom and breasts. Use your sex doll??s arms and hands to prop her up and balance her for a natural look. If your sex doll has enhanced shoulders, use them for a demure, innocent look. Take photos of your doll??s frontside and backside as well as from the side with her head facing your camera. For a wet look, lightly mist the doll using a spray bottle of water. Gently blot away the water using a soft towel as soon as you??re finished.
When your sex doll arrives, you??ll notice that the nails may be loose or already have fallen off during shipment. That is normal and an easy fix. Included with your doll is a care kit that includes glue which is compatible with your doll. Simply apply glue to the underside of the nail and replace by pressing gently. Then, allow the nail to dry for about an hour. If you have owned your sex doll for a while and have lost one or more of the fingernails, you can replace those with fake, acrylic nails available most anywhere that carries cosmetics. In addition, you can find acrylic nails in all lengths as well as nails that are pre-painted different colors. Simply apply the nails using the glue that came with your doll or a nail glue available where you purchased the new fingernails.
Some repairs can be done at home. For instance, a tear in the doll??s skin can be repaired with a TPE safe glue or glue made specifically for silicone. Furthermore, most of our sex dolls come complete with a repair kit and instructions. If for some reason, you need a repair kit, they are readily available here on Amazon.? Minor tear repairs are easy to do as shown in this Iron Tech Doll video. However, if you break your doll??s skeleton, what do you do? Well, it would be convenient to have a sex doll repair shop locally, but those businesses are rare. Fortunately, there is a large community of sex doll owners and enthusiasts who can assist with advice and repairs. Look here for assistance: The Doll Forum General Repairs? The Doll Forum Brand Specific Repairs ? Videos on sex doll care and repair Finally, if you ordered your sex doll from us, we give you after-sales care. If you have a problem with your sex doll, contact us at [email protected] and we will see what we can do to help you in repairing your doll.
Cleaning your sex doll is an important aspect in protecting your doll and giving him/her a long life. However, if you??re a new doll owner, you may be asking, ??How do I clean my sex doll??? We are here to give you all the tips and tricks you need to keep your sex doll clean and keeping the skin looking and feeling its best. Both TPE and silicone sex dolls should be cleaned from head to toe every 2-4 weeks - depending on how frequently you use him or her. However, any body parts, with which you engage in intimacy, need to be cleaned before and after in order to keep your doll clean, healthy and free from molds and bacteria. We also have cleaning and care guides from some of our sex doll manufacturers. If you??d like to read those, click here.
I??m sure you??re excited that your sex doll has finally arrived! Nonetheless, before you grab a box cutter and start hacking away, check this list on how to unbox your sex doll: Use a box cutter or sharp scissors to separate the tape along the box openings. Carefully open the box and remove any packing materials. Locate the accessories and set them aside. Open the accessory bag and find the white gloves, put them on. Carefully remove the sex doll head, unwrap, remove the eye mask, and set aside. Remove the blanket from the sex doll body. Use scissors and CAREFULLY snip the tape from the hands and feet. Be careful not to stab the doll??s skin. Use safety scissors, if available. Friskars sells sharp safety scissors with rounded tips. Remove all material from around the doll??s feet and hands. Check for any loose fingernails or toenails. If any have fallen off, be sure and reattach them. Lift your sex doll body from the box and sit her in a chair. Follow the instructions for attaching a sex doll head. If your sex doll has a wig, gently wipe the doll??s head with a warm, damp cloth. Gently pat dry then place the wig on the doll??s head. Remove your cotton gloves - tuck them away for later - and move on to getting your sex doll ready for use.
This guide was taken directly from the JY website. Individual words may have been changed in instances of misspelling or language translation inconsistencies and in no way affect the message being delivered. We, on principle, prefer to start our description with the word "clean". You can't throw TV to a bathtub, however, you can regularly wipe it with a rag.? Before cleaning the doll, first you should know the structure of a doll, so as to decide the appropriate way to clean. Inside and out, the structure of the doll is metal skeleton and TPE skin. Well, you see metal, which means you should be cautious about natural enemy--water. We recommend you to clean it in the following way: Applying powder to the doll is the main method.The frequency is adjusted according to the weather and doll??s exudation of oil.Take the shower as a supplement. Don't use boiling water when washing. The judgment criterion of boiling water is not producing vapor. The neck is the only one place water can get into, which means that doll will be safe as long as it protects the neck.The disadvantage is that it is hard to take the water out if water gets into.? After a long time,the metal will corrode and have a smell. So please do remember to clean the doll very carefully. As for the bath lotion, there is no problem if it is produced by regular manufacturers. But we do not suggest to frequently clean the doll with it because they are also one of chemical products. JY: MAKE-UP We use secret special techniques to do the makeup, which generally will not drop. You could consider it as a layer of coating which will gradually fade and become thin as the player constantly rubs and plays it. In order to protect the makeup, please just wipe the head. Do not clean it.
STOP! While we understand the first day (or week) with your new sex doll can be the honeymoon phase, slow down there guys and gals! There are some crucial steps you must take before having sexy-time with your doll. Most importantly, not following the steps below may result in voiding your sex doll??s guarantee. Before dressing your sex doll, you MUST inspect him/her thoroughly from head to toe (literally). Be sure to have a camera or your cell phone available to take any photographs. These are necessary to document any defects in materials or workmanship. In addition, have a notepad on hand to record those defects in detail. Furthermore, you must contact us at [email protected] within 24 hours of you sex doll??s arrival to report any damages and utilize our warranty. ? Be sure and check your sex doll??s joints for proper flexibility, using caution on the small joints in the hands, fingers, feet and toes. Bend your sex doll at the waist. If you opted for enhanced shoulders, gently move them forward and back, up and down. If you chose the standing feet option, put your sex doll??s feet in a flat position, square her body (shoulders and feet at equal distance apart) and stand her up. Don??t forget to check the sex doll??s openings: mouth, eyes, vagina and anus. Once you have inspected your doll and found no defects, you are now ready to prepare your sex doll for intimacy! You may notice an excess of TPE powder. Use a dry cloth to gently dust off the excess. Your sex doll??s genitalia must be wiped with a damp, soft cloth or rinsed with warm (not hot) water to remove any excess TPE powder. Never rub your sex doll??s skin vigerously as it can cause damage to the TPE or silicone skin. Once your sex doll is cleaned of any excess powder, you are now cleared to start the honeymoon. Just don??t forget a nice, water-based lubricant to make intimacy with your new sex doll the most erotic and realistic experience it can be.
Your sex doll will come with a full wig but no a wig cap. However, nice wig caps, which keep the hair from tangling, are a great idea. You can buy hair caps at most general merchandise stores, beauty supply stores and online stores like Amazon .
Premium sex dolls are an investment. Therefore, sometimes you??ve spent your savings on a doll and have little left for storage. However, if you are handy with tools and a DIYer, you can create a stand for your doll. Here are 5 clever ideas on how to make a DIY stand for your sex doll. A DIY sex doll stand from The Doll Forum, here. The Doll Forum DIY stand.? Another DIY stand idea from The Doll Forum. Yet another great DIY sex doll stand idea from The Doll Forum. This YouTube video gives you step-by-step instructions for a DIY sex doll stand.
Taking your sex doll into a swimming pool isn??t advised because of the high chemical content in pool water. Chlorine and pool cleaning acids can dry out and damage your doll??s skin. However, if you are in control of the pool chemicals and keep the acid and chlorine low, you can take your doll for a swim and some wet and wild water sex. However, be sure to: Keep your sex doll??s head and neck above water at all times by using water wings, an inflatable ring or a life jacket (for smaller busted dolls). Your sex doll will be very slippery when wet. When bringing him/her out of the water, use a dry towel around the body. Rinse your sex doll off using clean water, free of pool chemicals. Dry your sex doll thoroughly afterward. Do not leave your sex doll in the sunlight as it will damage the skin.
Using false eyelashes on your sex doll is a great way to replace thinning eyelashes and lashes that have fallen off. Also, using false eyelashes on your sex doll can add a lot of glamour to her look. False eyelashes can be purchased at drugstores, general merchandise stores and even online. Furthermore, you can spend a little or a lot, depending on your budget. We??ve put together an easy-to-follow, quick tip guide teaching you how to install eyelashes on your sex doll. Just click here and you??ll learn how to put false eyelashes on your sex doll and refresh her look.
When storing your sex doll, you must be careful as not to damage your doll and to protect him/her from heat, sunlight, dust, dirt or stains. Therefore, use this list of sex doll storage don??ts to keep your doll free of damage. Do not store your doll in a cramped position as it puts stress on the doll??s joints and skeleton which can cause permanent creases in the skin. Never wrap your sex doll in anything that can transfer color. Always use soft blankets, towels, throws and other color fast items to prevent dyes from bleeding onto your doll??s skin. Do not store your doll sitting in a chair or on the bed. Again, this can cause damage to the doll??s skeleton, indentations of the tissue and damage to the skin. It??s best not to store your sex doll in direct sunlight as it will damage and discolor the doll??s skin. Do not store your doll near heat sources such as heating vents, space heaters, furnaces, water heaters, radiators and baseboard heaters. This can cause permanent damage to your sex doll??s skin. Use caution when leaving your sex doll out for long periods of time without regular cleaning. TPE collects oils from being handled and therefore will retain dust and dirt. This shortens the life of your doll and causes permanent stains and discoloration of the skin. Do not store you sex doll in a standing position even if he/she has the standing feet option. This causes undue stress on the doll??s skeleton and legs, leading to damage and cutting the lifespan of your sex doll. Do not allow your sex doll to be stored against any hard objects as it will cause dents in the doll??s skin. Never store your sex doll in clothing. Tight fitting clothing can cause creasing and skin damage. Some clothing can bleed onto the doll??s skin causing stains. Zippers, buttons, grommets, studs and other fasteners and decorations can also cause damage. Do not store your doll wearing any jewelry, accessories or shoes to avoid stains, indentations and damage to the skin. Never store your doll in high-humidity or damp areas. TPE is a porous material and can hold moisture which can grow mold and bacteria. That causes odors, stains and degradation of the doll??s skin. Do not store your sex doll in a box, chest or ottomon without lining the item with foam or other cushioning material. Not doing so can result in dents and damage to the doll??s tissue and skin.
Cleaning your sex doll regularly is a part of maintaining your investment so that it lasts for as long as possible. However, if you??ve never owned a sex doll before, you may want to know, ??How oftern should I clean my sex doll??? The answer to that varies as there are parts of the doll that should be cleaned more frequently. So, here is a quick list of sex doll parts and how often you should clean them: Sex doll??s openings (mouth, vagina and anus): Clean after every use either with a spray-on toy cleaner or by irrigating with warm, soapy water. Once every 2-4 weeks, deep clean the orifice, using soap, water and a sponge bottle cleaner. Sex doll??s face TPE: A sex doll??s face, made from TPE, should be gently wiped with a soft, damp, microfiber cloth once or twice per week.? Sex doll??s face silicone: A silicone doll face should be gently wiped with a soft, damp, microfiber cloth or silicone-safe wipe at least once per week. Sex doll??s body TPE: Sex dolls made from TPE are porous and therefore absorb oils and dirt easily. You should wash your sex doll thoroughly, once every 2 weeks for frequent use or once per month if you only use your doll occasionally. Sex doll??s body silicone: A sex doll made from silicone will not absorb oils, dust and dirt like a TPE doll will. Therefore, if you use your doll occasionally, you should do a thorough cleaning every 6-8 weeks. If you are intimate with your doll regularly, you should do a thorough cleaning every month or 4 weeks.
Our sex doll care guide is a pooling of our personal experiences coupled with information and education from dozens of sources. However, we felt it important to give you access to guides from our manufacturers as well. That way, you will have as much information as possible to ensure your sex doll has the best of care and maintenance. Therefore, we have included care guides from WM, Irontech, JY, and AI Tech. These guides have been taken from the manufacturer??s websites and are not written by With that in mind, individual words may have been changed in instances of misspelling or language translation inconsistencies and in no way affect the message being delivered.
To repair a tear on your TPE sex doll, move your doll to a flat, sturdy work space. Place your doll in a lying-down position, as not to put stress on the injury. Then: Use your spray bottle filled with warm water and soap. Spray the area around the tear and work the soapy water around with your fingers. Pat the area dry gently with a microfiber cloth. Check the tear and dry it if necessary. Put on gloves to protect your hands from the glue. Open the cut gently and apply a couple of drops of TPE glue to both sides of the cut. Use a small make-up brush to smooth the glue out, covering the entire area. Pinch the cut together and hold for about 20 seconds. Release the skin and wipe away any excess glue. The skin tear should seal completely and disappear. Leave your sex doll in that position for 24 hours to allow the tear to seal and dry properly.
All of the sex dolls we sell are shipped with the head not attached to the body. Therefore, you will have to attach the doll??s head yourself. There are instructions with the doll, describing step-by-step how to install the sex doll??s head. However, in case your instructions are missing, you??ve purchased a used doll or are reassembling your sex doll after storage, here are some how-tos to help you along. INSTALLING A SEX DOLL HEAD: SCREW ON If your doll has a screw-on head, you will see a bolt coming out of the neck. Wearing cotton gloves, remove the doll??s wig and hold the head in both hands. Tilt the head so you can see the connector and line it up with the neck bolt. Turn the head clockwise (to the right) about 4 times. Check to see if the head is stable and not wobbly. If so, try 1 or 2 more turns. You can see a YouTube video on installing a screw-on sex doll head here . INSTALLING A SEX DOLL HEAD: POP ON If your doll has a pop-on head, the bolt sticking out of the neck will have a smooth appearance. Wearing the white, cotton gloves, remove the doll??s wig and hold the head in both hands. Tilt the head sideways so you can see the connector. Line up the head and the bolt and press down firmly until you feel the head connect. If the head is too loose, use the hex keys and adjust the tightness on either side of the connector. The head should move easily from side to side, front to back. To see how to attach a pop-on sex doll head, watch this YouTube video.
You can buy clothing for a sex doll anywhere you can buy women??s (or men??s) clothing. Therefore, you can shop online from the privacy of your own home or take a trip to your local store, mall or lingerie shop. Google ??sex doll clothing?? and all sorts of shopping opportunities will be at your fingertips. To make things easier, we will get you started with a list of trusted clothing shops. Adam N Eve has a great collection of lingerie, stockings, panties and sexy costumes. Their prices are extremely reasonable, they have frequent sales, % off and oftentimes free gifts. While you??re there, grab some water-based lubricant and TPE powder to care for your new sex doll. Forever 21 is the place to go for everyday, trendy clothing, bodycon dresses and affordable pieces for every day. Is your sex doll ultra curvy? Torrid is the most popular place for girls with curves. From the trendiest clothing to lingerie and shoes, Torrid will dress your curvy doll in style. Elegant Stripper is filled with clubwear, dresses, lingerie, shoes and accessories at reasonable prices. You can even choose your own custom colors and patterns. With everything from babydoll wear to BDSM, Kinky Cloth has a wide selection of clothing and accessories to satisfy that little kink in us all. Looking for anime, cosplay and gamer costumes? Role Cosplay has it all! Shirley of Hollywood , usually reserved for wholesale clients only, has a shop on Amazon. With all sorts of panties, lingerie and sexy clothing, you're bound to find something you love.? Fashion Nova is a favorite of sex doll enthusiasts. This shop has a little bit of everything and the prices cannot be beat. Finally, find designer clothing that is gently used and up to 80% off retail by shopping Poshmark.
Accidents happen. A little red wine may get spilled, clothing or other fabrics may bleed onto your sex doll and stain the skin. So, how do you remove stains from your sex doll??s skin? It??s a relatively easy process. However, follow this list closely and never use unapproved cleaning products or solvents on your doll??s skin. Before using the stain removal instructions, try bathing your doll to see if the dirt or stain will come off with normal cleaning. Use Klean Strip Painter??s Solvent available online or at most stores. You??ll need cotton swabs and a clean, dry, white cloth. Place your doll on a solid surface on top of a clean, dry towel. Saturate a cotton swab with the painter??s solvent. Apply the solvent to the stain by dabbing. Allow the solvent to soak into the doll??s skin, about 1 minute (can be left for up to 10 minutes for stubborn or deep stains). Use dry cotton swabs to remove the stain, again, by gently dabbing. Repeat the process if necessary. Once the stain is removed, rinse the area with your spray bottle filled with warm water. Pat dry with a clean, dry, white cloth. Apply TPE powder so the skin doesn??t feel sticky.
Like anything we spend a sizable amount of money on, we want to be sure and care for that investment so it lasts as long as possible. The same goes for sex dolls. Regular sex doll maintenance isn??t as complicated as an oil change or tune up; it??s fairly simple and something all doll owners can do. Therefore, here is a list of regular sex doll maintenance you can perform to keep your doll in tip top shape: Keep a calendar and mark the days you??ve performed maintenance of your doll. That way, you??ll never lose track and skip the important things you need to do. Every 4-6 weeks, thoroughly clean your sex doll head to toe, inside and out. Every 3 months, apply a thin layer of petroleum jelly to the sex doll??s stress points: Every joint like elbows, knees, ankles, groin. Anywhere your sex doll bends and you see the skin crinkle, must be moisturized. Moisturizing too frequently can also damage the TPE or silicone. Every 4 weeks, give your sex doll a thorough inspection looking for loose nails, weakened areas, small tears and any other damage. If you??re not going to use your sex doll for a period of time, store it correctly by removing the head and hanging it. Any storage where the doll is bent in any way will cause cracks in the skin. Laying the doll on a hard surface of laying anything heavy on top the doll will result in dents that will be permanent.
One of the best aspects of sex dolls is that you can order heads separately. This allows you to change the entire look of your sex doll. Therefore, knowing how to swap sex doll heads is a handy tool if you like changing the look of your sex doll or are replacing it due to damage. If you have a sex doll with a screw-on head, remove the doll??s wig, put on white cotton gloves then hold the sides of the head. Turn the head counter-clockwise until it comes free. Then, to install the new doll head, follow the instructions here. If your sex doll has a pop-on head, remove the doll??s wig, put on the white cotton gloves and tilt your sex doll??s head to one side to access the tightening screws. Using the hex key, loosen the screw and repeat that on the other side of the doll??s head. Next, hold the head with both hands and lift up. Once the pop-on head has been removed, follow the instructions here to install the new pop-on head.
The only downside to sex dolls is that their skin can get dirty and stain easily. That??s why it??s important to know how to keep a sex doll from staining. First, you must understand that sex dolls made from TPE stain more easily due to the fact that the material is porous, collecting oil and attracting dirt and stains. Silicone dolls stain, just not nearly as easily. So, in order to keep your sex doll clean and free of stains, follow our list of tips and tricks to keep a sex doll from staining: Wash or bathe your sex doll at least every 4 weeks. When your sex doll is lying down or sitting, be sure he/she is on a clean, dry, colorfast fabric. You??d be surprised at how dirty surfaces can get. Never use soaps, bath bombs, soaks or bubble baths that have dyes in them. Keep socks on your dolls feet when moving her or while she??s sitting with her feet on the floor. Wash any and all clothing a few times before dressing your sex doll. Clothes with dark colors are notorious for bleeding dyes and staining skin. The darker the sex doll??s skin, the less it stains. Be sure clothing isn??t too tight fitting. Keep your sex doll away from grease, paint, stains and other items like magazines and newspaper. Pay close attention to elbows, knees, feet, buttocks and the backs of the thighs as those areas make contact with surfaces more frequently. The lighter the clothing color, the lesser the risk of staining. Use caution when putting make-up on your doll so you don??t stain other parts of the body. Don??t use lotions, oils or perfumes on the sex doll as that will attract more dirt (the only exception is when doing maintenance on the joints).
You want to give your sex doll a more glamorous look but have no clue what you??re doing. Therefore. if you??re asking how to put make-up on a sex doll, we??ve gathered some great video tutorials and a few tips you can use to give your doll the look you desire. However, before getting started, please read our make-up dos and don'ts and don??ts to keep from staining your doll??s beautiful face. Let??s start with an easy, basic make-up tutorial: Removing your doll??s head will make things much easier. Using a fluffy, make-up brush and a powder foundation (that matches her skin) lightly cover her face, eyelids, jawline and neck. Choose 3 shades of eyeshadow that you like (one dark, one light and one lighter). Apply the middle shade to her eyelid, the darker shade in the crease and the lightest just below the eyebrow. Use a larger brush to gently blend together in outward strokes. Apply false eyelashes at the lash line using a few, tiny dots of lash glue. You can also find lashes that are a peel-and-stick type. To apply blush, start near the ear at the cheekbone and sweep inward using a large brush. For beautiful lips, apply an eyeshadow to the lips with a small brush. Then, add a light layer of vaseline with a cotton swab, if desired. You can also choose a tube of lipstick you like and apply by using a small lip brush or cotton swab. Remember, practice makes perfect! The more you put make-up on your doll, the easier it will become. Here are some great make-up tutorial videos you can follow to get a more professional look: WM Doll Head Makeover.? This one is for a more glamorous look. A great, beginner make-up tutorial. A small TPE repair, make-up removal, and a false eyelashes application with make-up. Eyelash replacement and make-up refresh.
After owning your sex doll for a little while, you may notice the eyelashes have fallen off. No worries! Learning how to replace eyelashes is delicate work but incredibly easy. Just follow this quick tips list and you??ll know how to replace a sex doll??s eyelashes quickly and easily. First, you??ll need the following supplies: Regular tweezers + eyelash tweezers Cotton swabs Baby oil or mineral oil False eyelashes + eyelash glue Or, pre-glued false eyelashes Clear, Loctite glue (optional) Now that you have gathered all of your supplies, here is our step-by-step method for replacing your sex doll??s eyelashes: Remove your sex doll??s head and place on a sturdy work area like a table or desk. Remove your sex dolls eyes. Click here to see how. Remove the old lashes and glue by applying baby oil to the lash line with a cotton swab. Gently hold the eyelid between your thumb and forefinger and massage the baby oil in. (This can take up to 30 minutes) Once the glue has dissolved you can easily remove the old lashes with tweezers. If removing the lashes still pulls the skin heavily, repeat the last step again. With a soft cloth dampened with warm water, dab and gently rub the eye area to remove the baby oil. Take the first eyelash and hold it with your fingertips or eyelash tweezers, apply lash glue along the solid part. If using stick-on lashes, you can skip that step. Shape the lashes into a curve by gently squeezing the ends between your thumb and forefinger. Apply the lash by sticking the end to the outer edge of the eyelid and working inward. If using self-stick lashes, cover with a fine layer of Loctite, clear, craft glue using a cotton swab. Allow to dry. Repeat for the doll??s other eye.
All of our sex dolls have measurements on their pages, next to their photos, This includes the foot measurement. But how do you know what your sex doll??s shoe size is? Let??s take a look at one of our beautiful dolls, her name is Kim. According to Kim??s measurements, her foot measures 8.3??. If you cannot locate a size chart for your doll, simply place her foot flat on a piece of paper, trace around it with a pencil and measure the tracing. Then, compare the measurement with the following chart. So, according to the chart, Kim would wear a size 4.5 to a 5. And since she is a sex doll and she won??t be walking around, you can easily go up a size.
What size clothing your sex doll wears is an important thing to know in order to have clothing ready for her when she arrives. Therefore, here are some tips to help you figure out what size clothing to buy your sex doll. FIND YOUR DOLL??S MEASUREMENTS ?All of the dolls we sell have their vital statistics on top of their page. Just bring up her page and look to the right of her photos. There, you will see measurements for her height, bust, waist, hips, feet and more. Then, compare those measurements with the size chart on whatever website you are shopping.? Here??s an example: This is our curvy beauty named Kim. Her measurements are as follows: Height: 5??1?? Bust 37.8?? Waist 26.6?? Hips 44.5?? Underbust 27.2?? Leg length 29.5?? Arm length 27.2?? Shoulder 16.5?? Cup size H Now, let??s take a look at some common sizing charts to see what size clothing Kim would wear. Next, if you look at Kim??s measurements and compare them to the charts, you??ll see that she wears: Shirt, top, blouse: size medium Pants, jeans, leggings: size 12 short to regular Bra: Size 38 H (bust measurement + cup size) If the numbers don??t match, always go to the larger size. For instance, Kim has a tiny waist. Therefore, if you chose pants for her waist size, they wouldn??t fit over her hips (at least in this brand). Therefore, match the hips as best you can and go for leggings or something else with a stretch waistband.? Remember, size charts will vary, depending on where you shop. Therefore, always look for a size chart as you are shopping online. For a curvy lady like Kim, we would recommend looking for ??curvy fit?? clothing or shopping online at places like Torrid to get a perfect fit. However, dresses and lingerie are much easier to fit than pants.
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