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Author: Thomas M.

Great customer service!

  • Review Add on: 20/07/2021
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My package faced a lot of significant shipping delays (probably as a result of the issues around the world right now). When My Robot Doll found out I had not received the package after almost 2 months, they assigned a representative to track my order and update me on it. They managed to find the package in short order; turns out it had recently arrived in the US, and I finally received the package a few days later.


Starpery sexy dollars Phebe

  • Review Add on: 25/04/2021
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Poupée très impressionnante et très réaliste. Les caractéristiques ont été conforme à la commande.

Author: steve h.

Great experience

  • Review Add on: 28/03/2021
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This is my first silicone doll of this quality so I put in effort into researching. Alice was patient and responded to all my questions until I felt comfortable enough to place my order. The process was painless and even though I am in the US, my doll shipped to me just fine. Thank you Alice!

Author: Richard W.

Exactly what I expected!

  • Review Add on: 25/05/2020
  • Average Rating:

"Had a destroyed Doll because of FedEx and they sended me a new one :) really nice. Thank you so much for the best Service
The Quality is very good. The Doll is very heavy, i mean really heavy, but sehr can move. But i would prefer a Doll which the Body can move in the dig, while you Just lay in the bed and she is over you. Thats mit possible. Only blowjob, but you Need the right hight for that. The movement is Like in YouTube Video. The Grad should have a hole because of vacum while blowjob.
Im Happy with that but the Future will BE better :)"

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