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What is love doll?

A love doll is an adult sex toy which is both lifelike and human-shaped, giving its user more pleasure in his/her sexual intercourse. We offer various realistic love dolls made of safe material. Our love dolls can offer a much more realistic sexual experience than their inflatable predecessors. Their realness comes from their soft skin, realistic openings, and human-like height and weight. Sex with a love doll is just like simulating the sex process with a real woman. Furthermore, buy life-size love dolls online is the best option to help you improve your sex skills. All lifelike love dolls will always accompany you so that you no longer need to endure loneliness!

Buy Realistic Sex Dolls

Our life size realistic sex dolls are equipped with the latest technology of stainless steel skeleton, TPE and silicone body and flexible limbs, which allow you try the physical movements of every real woman, imagine all sex positions. Enjoy your big breasted love doll with wide hip and soft vagina all night long or let those sexy lips of your love doll service you. Not only can you experience the incredible fun of the vagina, anus and mouth, but also enjoy unique sexual experience by having a big breasted love doll. To find another lover in life, our site supplies discount life-long love dolls designed to provide you with fantasy sex services and to become a companion in your life. Shop and order your SensualDoll brand love doll today and enjoy worldwide free shipping including to the USA. Receive a welcome coupon and save yourself some USD when you subscribe to our newsletter as indicated in the links at the bottom of our front page. If you have already placed a doll into your cart, wait no more and order now to save big with our current sale event! If you have not found your perfect doll, keep browsing our website, read some customer reviews, use our price filter, check out our latest collection for world class star rating dolls. If you have exhausted your search in our store, you can always reach out to our customer representative to customize your perfect doll for you (e.g., perfect breast cup size).

Why You Should Buy a Realistic Love Doll? Is It Really Worth the Investment?

Why should I buy a love doll? 

In the old days, people would have never raised such questions as love dolls are very rare. But nowadays, more and more men are considering to buy a love doll. Although you may not have gotten a sex doll in the past, you are probably curious how it feels to have sex with a love doll. We have listed below all the great reason regarding owning a love doll: 

Great Sex

For most people, this is the top merit of owning a love doll. You can have a realistic sex experience with your love doll however and whenever you want. Even when starting a new relationship with a real woman, you cannot do whatever you like, let alone getting complete control over your own sexual appetite and fulfillment of it. The question is though, how hot is the sex with a love doll? It is fantastic – it’s about 99% as good and real life as it is with a woman except that she does not move. The visual and physical sensation of the sex is very similar to sex with a woman because the material closely mimics the feel of skin and flesh with such good quality.

Good Companionship

High-quality real sex dolls are not just great for sex: one widowed customer of ours keeps his love doll in the chair next to him so he can have close company while watching TV. Others love taking photos with their TPE dolls. Many of our customers also attest that they keep their love dolls around for good company and hug them before falling asleep.

Minimal Risks

As great as sex with another human can be, it is not without any risk. Even when you practice safe sex by using protection, there is still risk of contracting sexually transmitted diseases or getting pregnant. Forget about the risks of promiscuous sexual behavior with random partners or hookers as we all know the risks of having unprotected sex with a stranger. Such behavior can be deadly and having the risk of an unplanned pregnancy is not fun. When you have sex with your TPE sex doll, you can be sure that it is 100% safe. Amidst the recent pandemic and quarantines across the globe, we observe a surge in the sale of love dolls as a mean to help reduce stress and loneliness while in isolation. Our love dolls can also save your marriage by avoiding cheating on your partner with a real human. After years of marriage, the passion between you and your partner may have faded. A real sex doll can be the solution bring excitement into your sex life. You can enjoy your love doll in your house or wherever you want to and even hide her inside of a very private hard case that we can customize for you. You do not need candlelit dinners, presents, going out or any gentle manners, she only needs you and your company, with no demands.

Unlimited Creativity

You can try any sexual pleasure or position you can imagine, even those that are bashful to discuss with a human partner. You can experience any fantasy without feeling guilty or judged. There are so many categories and designs on the market that we can guarantee they are amazing, easy to maintain, and absolutely realistic. Blonde, redhead, Asian, Latin, brunettes, ass, tits, size, style, everything can be chosen from an infinite catalog of attributes. You can also go further and custom build your love doll to make it look like someone you like, love, or even imagine or dream of, like a porn star.

Confidence Booster

While you are at it, you will improve your real-life sex skills and restore in real human relationships. You can pick your silicone sex doll you like according to your tastes and choose every little detail that you would expect from the perfect girl. You may even get satisfied by unbelievable dolls you have not even dreamed of. A professionally made love doll will help you release all the negative daily emotion and relax with pleasant company from your perfect dream girl by your side. Nowadays, breakups and marriages are quite common. After a failed marriage or a horrible experience in a human relationship or a traumatic experience like losing your partner, it is not easy to go through those tough days. Your real sex doll will always be there to comfort you without any demand. She is never too tired to be ready, and always look perfect. There are no bad moments for her, no hormone rushes, no headaches, she will always listen to you and she will always respect silence too.

Cost Effective

Getting a love doll requires an upfront payment, but you are saving on future dates, club nights, valentine, Christmas, New Year, Easter, Ramadan, Sallah, anniversaries, and her birthday gifts. No compulsory movies, candlelit dinners, etc. No ‘request an Uber’ or ‘come and pick me’. Thanks to love doll, your credit card will not be maxed out month after month! Reduced costs are not just financial in nature: you will save the mental and physical energy of dating as well. You are a busy person, with your attention split among work, home, friends, as well as your sex life. A human relationship entails checking in, spending time together, and thinking about your partner when you are apart. Your sex doll does not demand your time and energy. When you are not with her, you are free to focus your attention on advancing your career or other hobbies in your life.


In conclusion, whether you are single or in a relationship, a love doll allows you to live out your wildest dreams without involving anyone else and bringing any complications into your life. A love doll can provide companionship, sexual satisfaction, even adding some unique spice to your existing relationships. Your love doll does not care about your job, car, looks, or the depth of your wallet. She is always ready to give you a good time and never criticizes you for your erotic fantasies or your hang-ups. 

How to Use A Real Doll (Sex with Sex Doll Tips )

A high-end real doll is always ready and available to pleasure a man, now the doll is totally at your disposal. Here is the guide for how to get better sexual experience with your hot sexdoll.

Well! A sex doll is designed to give pleasure and companion to you. Pose your doll love doll in a position that arouses your sexual appetite, including doggy style, missionary, girls on top, against the wall, then penetrate her and treat your girl with your power. 

How Do Real Sex Dolls Work?

Female sex dolls are made with a fully functional vagina. Male sex dolls have a penis attached. To put it simply, these are the finest doll masturbation toys on the planet. They are made to look and feel like the real thing no matter what position you put them in.

Basically, they are a dummy sexual partner that only cares about giving you pleasure. They are an excellent way to live out your sexual fantasies as well. Wondering how to use a sexy sex doll? Well, it’s pretty simple, just have fun. No need to worry about how to use luxury sex dolls for your pleasure. Just do it like the real thing and enjoy it.

Vagina Sex 

This is one of the most common ways for people to enjoy their love dolls. Each female sex doll we sell has a fully functional vagina. From many of our real adult dolls you could choose between a removable or fixed vagina. We add the depth of each doll vaginal opening on our site. Make certain that select a doll that can compromise your size.

All of our realistic sex dolls are composed of silicone or TPE. Both are extraordinarily realistic feeling. Our vaginas are designed for pleasure so that it feels as if you are having sex with a real live human.

The process works just like you would imagine. You position the doll the way you like, then you penetrate the doll and continue as you normally do. The friction and pressure combined feel absolutely exciting.

We are often questioned whether it is okay for men to shoot inside of their dolls. The answer is yes. This is a very common behavior, and our dolls tend to it. 

Here are two ways helping to enjoy vagina sex to the fullest

Using a condom is easier to clean up and hygienic

It protects both your penis and the sex doll’s tender skin. Otherwise, if you have a tight vagina of a sex doll, the entire cleaning with anti-bacterial soap is very important. 

The other method you might like is using lubricant

TPE and silicone material make the adult doll super realistic, but we recommend you'd better use a water-soluble lubricant to keep your skin unharmed and protect your sex beauty’s from unexpected damage. 

As we mentioned above, preparing an anti-bacterial soap is necessary and some other cleaning attachments you might also need like masturbation vagina irrigator, renewal powder.

But whatever you use a condom or not, it’s better to clean the whole vagina every time you have sex with her. Keep her clean is your duty and it’s good for both of you as well.

Oral Sex

We’ve already explored the topic, “is a blow job from a love doll The same as getting a blow job from a person?” The answer is no, they are not the same. There are pros and cons to both. Nonethless, a love doll blow job is pretty damn fun. Think of it like this. When the manufacturer creates a love doll, the mouth only has to do two things. It has to look nice and of course provide pleasure.

Her lips are designed to look beautiful, but more than it, kissing or oral sex are both available. Having non-stop blowjobs is always a dream of men, the love doll can give you continuous blowjobs you never get from a real women. 

You should never worried about if you go too deep that will makes her gag reflex or feel uncomfortable, due to she has a deep throat.

Add some water-soluble lubricant on your penis and we rest assured that you’ll feel great and enjoyable. 

Anal Sex

There are majority of people fantasize about anal sex, which is normal, healthy, and even pleasurable for many people. While amount of people have no chance to try it, that made them feel more curious about anal sex. The difficulty is we hard to find a girl who is willing to have anal sex with a man, let alone one to actually enjoys being on the receiving end is. Now here is the chance!!The product engineers have done lots of investigation and research, finally accomlish to design the dolls with a realistic, super tight, intense anal for great anal sex experience that is guaranteed to blow your mind. Whether female dolls or male dolls both comes with anal functionally. Being posed a position as you like, your baby girl would love to share the wonderful moment with you. Keep in mind that apply some water-soluble lube as well.

There are 3 primary sex positions with a love doll, nonetheless, you can explore more interesting poses with your baby doll. They are not only can be kissed, hugged, and fucked but also companionship, role play, cosplay. Never stop making any possibility, just remember not to be too rough and violent.

Sexual Positions With Your Love Doll

Our love dolls are designed and engineered to simulate any position that a real woman can! But we recommend you do it on a bed, sofa, or table since it is easier to anchor and move your doll around into different positions. Certain standing sex positions are more difficult than with a real human since your doll cannot dynamically rebalance herself to be more stable. Make sure you find a position that provides ample support for her body when standing. We highly recommend the following six breathtaking sex positions for you to try with your real love doll:

Missionary Position

This is the most popular male sex position of all time. Please make sure you do it on a bed, sofa, or table to prevent damaging your love doll. You can do it either standing beside your bed or in your bed on top of her. With practice, you will find the right angle to enter her vagina as well as the extent to bend her legs. Position your love doll to be front-facing you, bend her legs up and forward, tip her pelvis up a bit if needed to get access to her vagina. Place your arms on both sides to stabilize your doll.

Doggy Style Position

The inviting position can give you an amazing experience! Remember not to place all your weight on her body, arms or hips are as they are not designed to carry more weight than her own. Make sure your love doll is on her hands and knees. Turn her back to you, set her legs, knees, and arms into the position for doggy style. If she is not already on your bed, lift her straight up and place her in the middle of your bed. 

Girl On Top (a.k.a. Cowgirl)

This is a fun position if you are strong enough to support her weight and get her jumping up and down while on top of you. When you fully insert into her, the feeling is incredible! Hold her against wall, bend her legs and hips to the position you. You can insert yourself into hers and pick her up, turn around and lay back on your bed and let her fall into position on top of you while your feet dangle off the edge of your bed.

Bent Over

This is a very popular sex position among couples. In this position, you can make your love doll stand in an inviting way and enter her from her behind. The bent-over position can be really sexy since your doll is positioned to provide for both anal and vaginal penetration. You can also make the doll wear a pair of sexy high heels, push out her butt to spice things up. Try couches, beds, chairs, pillows to assist with your doll’s bending position. The simplest way is to hug your sex doll from the back and make her stand near a bed or a table.

Sex Against the Wall

If you enjoy penetrating your partner from her behind while standing, you can also use this position with your love doll. The corner of a room would be ideal to provide the necessary support to make her stand straight. The shower and the balcony are also excellent choices. Make your doll stand in the corner of the room, facing outwards such with her back facing you. Spread the hands of your doll against the wall to maintain balance. Lift one of her legs up and enjoy that great deep penetration feeling!


Spooning is the most intimate sex position of all time. If you want to have sex with your sex doll while lying on the bed and looking for a more intimate position, the spooning position can satisfy you completely. The spooning position is ideal for heavier love dolls as you do not need to carry them around. Your body will heat her up, making your sex feel even more real. Make your sexy love doll lie on her one side with her arms bent in front, as she is your little spoon. Bend her legs at a proper angle to hold her body. Lift her upper leg and enter her from any of the orifices as you want.

Furthermore, you can try one of the two most common oral doll sex positions outlined below:

Stand and Blow

Let your sexy baby doll kneel down in front of you with her back straight. Lift her up onto a soft foam pad on the floor and enjoy!

Game On

Lay your love doll on the bed or sofa, sit in front of her and bend her waist and neck as such so you can slide into her mouth while her head is on your lap.

TPE Sex Dolls vs Silicone Sex Dolls

One of the hardest decisions to make when choosing the best sex dolls for you is the material of which you want your doll to be made: TPE Sex Dolls vs Silicone Sex Dolls. The silicone sex doll technology has been developed over many years. Silicone rubber is a mixture of silicon polymer together with carbon, hydrogen and oxygen. TPE (thermoplastic elastomer) is a latest material made for the manufacturing of dolls. This material is less expensive to produce, thus you will find that TPE dolls are also more affordable than those made from silicone. Through a series of processes, mix plastic and rubber can produce thermoplastic elastomer. Every manufacturer uses their own formula, which makes some TPE dolls more durable than others. 

TPE sex doll is becoming more and more popular these days. Probably the reason is part of the lower price, but also since they are softer to touch than silicone. If you have enough money to squander (4000 USD or more), you can invest in silicone dolls. And a few doll owners say that silicone dolls can last long after all. It is really up to you.

It is always tough to choose the right doll, which is why you should not rush your decision. Take your time, look at all of them and let your feeling take you away.

Tips for using Realistic Love Dolls

There’s no right or wrong to use a sex doll. All you need is daily care. You can store it in the closet and only take it out on special occasions, or it can lie in bed with you every night when you sleep. Some men like to give their dolls' personalities, while others only use them for company when their partners are away.

You can place your sex doll in a variety of positions because of its versatility. Why not try some of your favorite pornstar moves and prepare a camera and make your own sex tapes so you can watch after the action? No matter which type of fascination you have regarding your sex life, you can fulfill them all on these love dolls.

You can even use sex dolls with a partner. If you’ve always wanted to have a threesome but your wife or girlfriend doesn’t want to invite a real third person into your bed, a sex doll can be a great solution to try some of those three-way positions without having to break up your relationship.

You could place your doll into the bath or in the backyard for some outdoor fun if you seek excitement. Maybe your sex doll will fall into kink or BDSM.

Your options are only as limited as your imagination. Take care of her and try a variety of ways to play with her, and your sex doll will repay you with intense, stimulating orgasms for years to come.

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